Off the Hour, today 5-6pm: The Struggle Continues

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Featured on today’s program

-The latest edition of The Struggle Continues. The Struggle Continues is a series produced by Joseph Sannicandro documenting the impact of austerity measures on the quality of education. In this segment, he is joined by McGill student Stefan Novakovic to discuss the fact that a receiving a good educational experience and attending a ‘prestigious’ university are not necessarily the same thing.

-We’ll also hear the latest edition of Making Contact. On this edition, Saru Jayaraman, co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and author of “Behind the Kitchen Door” makes the case for bringing justice to restaurants and how ordinary diners can help.

-And finally, we’ll bring you This Week in Palestine, produced by the Indepdendent Middle East Media Center in Bethlehem.

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