May 22, 2012

Photo by Phil M - Instragram

The number of arrests at student demonstrations across Quebec continue to increase and CKUT wants to provide you with some recommendations.

What you should know if you get detained by the police at a student demonstration:

Upon arrest the only information you have to give the police is your name, date of birth & address.

You have the right to not answer any further questions.

What to do once you’ve been ticketed - from lawyer Denis Poitras:

  1. Contest your ticket by signing it, indicating the date and checking “not guilty”. Don’t write anything else, no explanations, don’t indicate a motive (this will help better prepare any legal proceedings).

  2. Scan your ticket and email it to with a phone number you can be reached at as well as your version of the facts. If you don’t have access to a scanner, you can fax it to 514-289-1729.

  3. Mail it to the Municipal Court.

You should hear back from the Municipal Court within 6 months, possibly more. We will create a private listserv for all the accused in order to organize a joint trial, examine different possibilities in terms of legal defense, funding options, etc.

Stay Safe!

Please note that this is not legal advice, and that we are not lawyers. This information should not be relied upon in legal proceedings. Please contact a lawyer should you need legal advice.

Audio Version - Know your rights

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