This summer: Migrant Voices on All Things McGill

All Things McGill presents Migrant Voices, a project of the Immigrant Workers Centre, every Monday from 11:00 to 11:30am through July and August.

The Migrant Voices project is a collection of testimonies about the experiences of people who come to Canada as im/migrant workers.

These testimonies are recorded in workshops organized by the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and CKUT. In these segments, workers share their stories about their lives and struggles in their places of work.

This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the IWC to help organize workers to defend their rights, and to raise awareness about im/migrant labour justice in Montreal. In these recordings, workers tell of their struggles for dignity and respect as they face wage theft and physical abuse by employers, separation from family, and the constant risk of unemployment and deportation. These stories also bear witness to the tremendous courage of workers - who come from as far as Guatemala, the Philippines, Senegal, and Bangladesh - and who organize and fight back against exploitative and precarious conditions.

The Migrant Voices project is a new chapter in a history of struggle that too often goes untold in Canada and Quebec: stories of the subjugation of working people, but also of their collective power. Please share these stories with your friends. The Migrant Voices broadcasts will be archived on the IWC website, where you can also donate through PayPal to support our work.

The Migrant Voices project was made possible with support from the Béati Foundation, along with QPIRG-McGill, CKUT 90.3 FM, Radio Centre-Ville, PINAY, and Dignidad Migrante.