This is what's HOT tonight: CKUT Dragonroot Concert feat. Moe Clark, Man Chyna, A K U A +++ [AUGUST 22]

We’re teaming up with the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy to bring Montreal a t-r-u-l-y special Dragonroot concert featuring MANCHYNA, Moe Clark and A K U A!

A K U A combines a variety of raw and deeply personal songs and soundscapes supported by a seriously distinct and versatile vocal talent. Her style is remote soul mixing elements of soul, folk, pop, electronic and R&B. Listen here

MAN CHYNA burst from a Smoky Mountain-womb just like his personal (s)hero, Dolly Parton. Part burlesque and part faggotronic rap, Man Chyna strip hops around Canada like a sissy M.I.A (Sissy Elliot?). Won’t you be the Boy-oncé to his Gay-Z? Mo Homo!

Métis musician MOE CLARK fuses performance narrative, circle singing, spoken word, looping pedal and more. Listen here

REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE CHOIR invite you to join them in medleys of access, choice and self-determination!

Where? 10 Pins Ouest #414

When? Wednesday, August 22.

Doors at 8PM / Show at 9PM

How much? $5 suggested donation no one turned away

All proceeds go to Radio CKUT & the 2110 Centre

*Homemade kombucha and samosas will be available for sale

In case you haven’t heard, the Dragonroot Radio project is a joint collaboration between CKUT and the 2110 dedicated to bringing feminism, gender issues, the latest news, incredible musical talent and discussions on cultural happenings to the airwaves.