What do I get out of my fee to CKUT? What benefits do members have?

As a member of CKUT, you can vote at the Annual General Meeting and run for the Board of Directors. Students enjoy a plethora of benefits, including access to the largest alternative music archive in Montreal (78,000 physical releases and counting!), training (interview skills, writing for radio, documentary making, experimental radio art, DJ mixing, live sound engineering), and work-study jobs (such as music librarian, McGill outreach coordinator, funding drive assistant coordinator and many more).

I never use any of the services provided by CKUT, so why should I fund it?

McGill students pride themselves on having a diverse, lively campus community; however, McGill lacks a journalism school or the chance to gain experience within non-hierarchical governance structures on campus. CKUT is a crucial part of the campus experience for a large number of students. For a fraction of a course fee you can learn more at CKUT than you would in any given classroom, not to mention meeting and collaborating with an incredibly diverse array of fellow volunteers. Students collectively pay for services that benefit our entire community: hundreds of clubs, societies, services, athletics, and events. No one student could partake in all of these opportunities, but we like to have the options! Even if you personally don’t plan to use a service, we hope you’ll affirm the right of other students to do so. Plus, if nothing else interests you, we can get our members into music shows for free. Think about it!

What type of stuff as CKUT done?

CKUT has brought you Thursdays Alive, the Total Eclipse Concert Series, the Under the Weather Panel series, Art’s Birthdays, Hidden Gems on the Air, Community Engagement Day workshops, the 2015 electoral debate, a multitude of panel discussions and conferences on various topics and so so so much more. Our mandate is to bridge the gap between students and the wider Montreal community, both through our programming as well as through dedicated outreach to bring a wide diversity of groups together. CKUT is one of the only groups on campus committed to bringing students and Montreal community members together to achieve common goals by providing a link to communities that are often inaccessible for students and by uniting people together through our partnerships with Montreal-based community organizations like The Native Friendship Centre, Dans la Rue, Head and Hands, and Project Genesis.