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Voices of Montreal: Digital Sights / Tranzister Radio / Radio Moon / Treyf

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 14:00-15:00.

Digital Sights

Digital Sights airs live the 1st Thursday of every month from 2pm to 3pm. The show covers topics related to visual digital arts. Digital Sights is hosted by Sawssan Kaddoura.



Tranzister radio is a monthly trans 4 trans talk show produced in Montreal. Our show airs at 2pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month

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Radio Moon is a program produced by the members of Forward House and focuses on issues surrounding physical and mental health. It airs on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

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TREYF is a debatably Jewish podcast. Recorded at CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal (on occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territory) in the shadow of the cross of secularism, Sam Bick and David Zinman reflect on the political discussions that are happening , and not happening in North American Jewish communities. It airs on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Voted #6 Best Podcast, Best of Montreal 2017

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O Stories / LegalEase / It Could All Be So Simple / Prison Radio

on CKUT 90.3 FM Friday 11:00-12:00.


COHDS’ radio program, O Stories, showcase the work of our affiliates and guest speakers. Shares stories of struggle, war, genocide and more, from a learning based personal perspective. COHDS is Concordia University’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

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Welcome to LegalEase: where we broadcast the law broadly. The LegalEase collective is comprised of law students from McGill University. Tune in live the second Friday of every month from 11am-12pm.

It Could All Be So Simple

It Could All Be So Simple airs live every 3rd Friday of the month. It is a show that delves into the ups and downs of relationships with our partners, our parents, our children, our work, our communities, our earth, our bodies, our universe and everything in between.
What is it that keeps us connected?
What makes us disconnect?
What makes them work?
Why are they often so hard?
And could they all be more simple?


Prison Radio has been on the air in Montreal for more than nine years. Prison Radio seeks to confront the invisibility of prisons and prisoner struggle, by focusing on the roots of incarceration, policing, and criminalization, and by challenging our ideas about what prisons are and the people inside our jails.

Prison Radio is dedicated to programming that is directly collaborative with people who are currently incarcerated. This is in the interest of forging stronger ties between incarcerated and non-incarcerated people, ensuring that prisoners have direct control over their representation, and that our understandings of prisons be informed by those who live inside their walls.

Prison Radio is on air the second Thurday of every month from 5-6pm and the fourth Friday of every month from 11am-12pm.

Alternates with No One Is Illegal and Labour Radio on Thursdays.

Prison Radio blog

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Anything Goes / John Abbott On The Air

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 10:00-10:30.


Anything Goes is a radio show produced by kids and airs the last Saturdays of each month 10:00am - 10:30am


John Abbott On The Air is a radio show produced by students at John Abbott College and airs the first three Saturdays of each month at 10:00am - 10:30am

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Radyo Kapwa

on CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday 14:00-15:00.

Founded in 1999 and formerly known as Sigaw ng Bayan, Radyo Kapwa is an inclusive Filipino/a/x community and cultural radio show that celebrates the diversity and difference of people with roots to the Philippines. With three historical colonial invasions, multiple waves of migration worldwide, and over 7000 islands, we recognize and honour that Filipino/a/x/s are not a monolith. We provide a wide range of programming, music, and discussion topics to reflect this diversity.

Radyo Kapwa aims to share their platform with grassroots community organisers and organisations, as well as interviews with inspiring members of our community. Our framework is based on values rooted in decolonization, and restorative and transformative justice. Our mission is to create an anti-patriarchal, anti-racist, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, faith inclusive, non-ableist, trauma-informed space.

You can find them on Instagram at @radyokapwa,

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Samedi Midi Inter

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 10:30-14:00.

Samedi Midi Inter, Une information de première main claire et précise pour la communauté haitienne, sur les ondes de CKUT 90,3 chaque samedi de 10h30 à 14h00 avec l’equipe de Raymond Laurent.

Site web de l’émission

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Under The Olive Tree

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 11:00-12:00.

Under The Olive Tree is Canada’s only radio show entirely dedicated to Palestine. The show covers various news and topics related to Palestine and the Palestine-solidarity movement in Quebec, Canada, and around the world.
The show airs live on CKUT every Thursday from 11am to 12pm, and re-aired the same day on CFRC in Kingston, Ontario, at 4pm.

Make sure to tune in. Free Free Palestine!

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All Kanien'kéha Show / Nipivut

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 18:00-19:00.

All Kanien’kéha Show

CKUT is proud to rebroadcast the All Kanien’kéha Show, a show entirely in Kanien’kéha (the Mohawk language), produced in Kanehsatà:ke and originally airing on Reviving Kanehsatà:ke Radio 101.7fm.

It airs every second Tuesday at 6pm


Nipivut is a radio program by and for Inuit of Montreal. It is broadcast partly in Inuktitut, and partly in English.

Nipivut means “our voice” in Inuktitut. The radio program promotes the Inuktitut language in Montreal and provides a forum for Inuit to publicly discuss community life and issues in the city. This initiative also raises the profile of Inuit among the non-Inuit community in Montreal, creating a positive outlet for cultural awareness in the city. It is the first southern radio program broadcast by and for Inuit in Inuktitut. This bi-weekly Inuit cultural radio program will give the Inuit of Montreal a voice in this city: providing essential news for Montrealmiut and showcasing Inuit culture and language to the greater Montreal community. Nipivut will provide programs in English and French when possible, and will promote the Inuktitut language in the city with Inuit music, Inuktitut lessons, and news and public discussions in Inuktitut. Nipivut seeks to connect Inuit living in Montreal with their families and friends in the north as well as the larger community of Montreal.

Nipivut airs every second Tuesday from 6-7pm

For more information, or to get involved in the show, email

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VOKO - Voice of Korea

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 14:00-15:00.

Broadcasting in Korean and English, Montreal’s only Korean radio program. News, local events, the latest movies and music out of Korea. VOKO also explores modern Korean culture. Every Tuesday, 2pm.

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Latin Time / Tiempo Latino

on CKUT 90.3 FM Sunday 9:00-10:30.

Since 1989, with your hosts Rommel Cajavilca, Daniel Lara, Sergio Martinez, Paloma Soto, et al. Promoting Latin American culture in Spanish & English. Headlines, entertainment and sports.


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Soul Perspectives

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 19:00-20:30.

Soul Perspectives provides a space for critical discussion about local, national and international issues of concern to Montreal’s Black (people of African descent) community. Maintains a high standard of broadcasting through thorough research into topics that are pertinent to the Black community. There is a commitment to treating each topic and community covered with deep respect.

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30pm.

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