The Mash Time Show

on CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday 2:00-4:00.

Welcome to the evolution of Hip-hop/Reggae. After 30 plus years, hip-hop/reggae is still here and can no longer be considered a passing fad. The Mash Time Show will bring to the masses the culture everyone adores. The first hour is a blend of Hip Hop and RnB and the second hour is a blend of reggae and calypso. To transition between hours there is also a brief update on entertainment news. The format is simple, The Mash Time Show is hip-hop/reggae for community radio. Targeting all who appreciate this culture regardless of age. Gender or race need not be considered since hip-hop/Reggae has proven to be appreciated by everyone around the world. The main objective is to keep it clean, enjoyable and up-to-date. Education is also important that is why the experience of a 28 year veteran is crucial to it’s ongoing success. A veteran DJ/Promoter and on air talent can educate the masses on Hip-hop/Reggae’s history, stability and political woes. They’re just waiting for the right show to come along that speaks to the masses. That show is The Mash Time Show.

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The Long and Short of It

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 4:00-7:00.

Embracing the long format oft left by the wayside in these turbulent times, The Long and Short of It is a show of lengthy pieces of music and albums played in their entirety, interspersed with short written pieces read out loud. Listen in to hear some jazz, classical, blues, electronic, ambient, experimental, folk, jam, rock, or maybe some hip-hop! You could also catch a short story, poem, magazine article, political manifesto, philosophical essay, or perhaps a serialized novel, all read live by your host, Simon Dobri. Whatever you hear, you can be certain that you’ll hear the whole thing. Tune in Monday night/Tuesday morning from 4:00 to 7:00 every week.

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Sleepy King / Terminal 5

on CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday 9:00-11:00.

The Sleepy King à la radio

Le roi dormant

Avec Benoît Chaput et des invités.

Poésie, musique.

Roi de personne, roi qui s’éveille, roi qui dort, roi qui rêve.

Un mercredi sur deux, 9 à 11 heures à CKUT


Le roi dormant on the radio

The Sleepy King

With Benoît Chaput & guests

Poetry, music.

Awakening king, sleeping king, dreaming king, nobody’s king.

Every second wednesday, 9 to 11h, on CKUT

Full audio archives via Mixcloud ici.

Terminal 5

Exploring music and soundtracks from the great beyond, every other Wednesday 9-11am.

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is not currently scheduled.

Heavy metal and Montreal go together like peanut butter and jelly. With both a thriving underground scene and an annual festival that brings in the big names, the city deserves only the best when it comes to metal radio…and that’s where Howls From Hell comes in! Fronted by two metal maniacs with an encyclopedic knowledge, Howls From Hell brings you the best of the best from the most brutal music on earth! Howls From Hell: Real metalheads, real metal.



Cabelli Presente / L'Air(e) Du Diable

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 23:00-Friday 0:00 and Friday 0:00-1:00.


Cabelli Présente emerged from the ashes of Entertainment Through Pain, Canada’s oldest harsh noise radio programme. Modestly named after host Nick Cabelli (Cheap Thrills record store/art history student/ex-music biz guy), Cabelli Présente investigates new sonic structures and aural juxtapositions to suggest imagined spaces of unreliable dimensionality. Sad disco, ambient field recordings, aural activism, youtube memes, electric buzz, nostalgia, mystery, accident & entropy.

L’Air(e) du Diable

Antérieurement associé à Entertainment Through Pain et Système Minuit.

Laboratoire radiophonique et création sonore en direct — entretiens et documentaires sur l’art et la vie. La création radiophonique en tant — ou en temps — que — ou de — réalité, entraine une forme singulière de médiation entre êtres et non-êtres acousmatisés. Fictions pour faire dévier la Toute-Puissance radiophonique, participants anonymes, relations avec l’espace, inter-unités de présences, interstices dans des mélodies, ruptures de la mine, fusions des surfaces et autres phénomènes composent cette émission plutôt mal habillée, entre l’écoute des ondes et l’ubiquité des paysages sonores chez chacun des auditeurs. Des entretiens, avec des artistes, des musiciens, de même que des émissions réalisées par Mario Gauthier et Philémon Bézy ponctuent également notre programmation. Une émission d’André Éric Létourneau avec la participation occasionnelle d’Ana Tapia, Mario Gauthier, Éric Dorion, Catherine Lalonde Massecar, Jean-Luc Bonspiel, Marc-André Morin, Caroline Hébert, Alexandre Saint-Onge, Kristian Lehmann, François Létourneau Romain Gaudillière, Érika Dumaine and Benjamin Muon. Jeudi soir, 23h-1h en alternance avec Cabelli Présente. Jeudi soir, 23h-1h en alternance avec Cabelli Présente

Please note, the archive for each show are split into its Thursday 23-24h half and its Friday 24-1h half

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Chaud Pour le Mont-Stone / Francis et les Exerciseurs

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 21:00-23:00.


L’émission Chaud pour le Mont-Stone est une manipulation en direct de plus d’une dizaines de sources sonores différentes. Élaborée à partir de montages sonores pré-enregistrés (composés de musiques originales, de sons, de voix, de mots, de bruits, et de multiples extraits de télévision et de radio), les bandes sont diffusées simultanément en studio en plus de la manipulation en direct de d’autres sources sonores telles les magnétophones à cassettes, les lecteurs CD, le micro, les tables tournantes, la radio en direct, etc. Ces nouveaux sons viennent alors compléter le produit radiophonique final.

Un jeudi sur deux 21:00-23:00 en alternance avec Francis Et Les Exerciseurs


Exerce les demons de la musique tranditionelle avec une bonne dose de Musique Actuelle, electracoustique, bruitisme, pop obscur, concrete. Entre couper d’art auditif et d’acousmatique, pour oreilles averties. Ambiences Magnetique, Faust, Magali Babin, Peloguin Sauvageau, Helen Prevost … Avec Francis Arsenault - Francis Et Les Exerciseurs.

Tous les deuxiéme Jeudis 21:00 - 23:00 en alternance avec Chaud pour le Mont-Stone

Experimental / New SoundsMusic

Latin Music Mondays / Made In Brazil

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 9:00-11:00.


Latin Music Monday presents the rich diversity of music coming from Latin America, from Canadians of Latin roots, and generally music inspired in Latin America. We explain the historical context of music, understanding music as another form of narrative that reflects the struggles and challenges that people living in the region face daily. This program is a window to the experiences of the many communities of Montrealers born or interested in Latin American culture. The show airs on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mondays of the month, 9-11am. Latin Music Mondays airs week 2 -3 & 4 each month

Download past episodes at the bottom of the page!


Music & ideas from Brazil. Airs the first Monday of each month, 9:00-11:00am.

Global SoundsMusic

Modular Systems / Future Classic Radio

on CKUT 90.3 FM Sunday 13:00-14:00.


modular systems is a bi-weekly music program which seeks to meld and warp together sounds from across the spectrum of electronic music past, present and future, exploring experimental, dub-infused, house, drone, techno, noise and other sonic palettes. Over the years the show has featured interviews and in studio appearances by a variety of local and international artists, as well as label and festival showcases.



explores the intersections between overlooked underground music, both current and from times past, and the people who create these forward-thinking sounds. Featuring artist from Canada, around the world and beyond. We specialize in tech soul pop four four broken head knod grooves. Expect a thick pastiche of electro, funk, techno, house, rare groove, beats, dancefloor jazz, and other forgotten and soon-to-be future classics. Moonstarr and Tashish rock that ‘ish right. Broadcasting live on 90.3FM every other Sunday from 1-2pm (GMT-5) at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



Where's The Beat?

is not currently scheduled.

Where’s The Beat? is a critical, no-holds-barred exploration of contemporary music and related issues in aesthetics, philosophy, technology, science, and society. This show likes to focus on music that is so cutting edge and experimental that it may not even sound like music, with a focus on the generalized issues relating to the combination of computers and composition. Where’s the Beat? offers an extemporaneous, irreverent, intellectual, and often humorous take on contemporary music.

Find the beat every Wednesday from 9:00-11:00am.

Where’s The Beat? playlists

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ESL / Harvey Christ Radio Hour

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 23:00-Wednesday 0:00.




Every second Tuesday from 11pm to midnight Easy Sonic Living brings you a live re-mixed sonic exploration into the depths of outer space, the human digestive system, and quirky found sounds from the interweb, etc. Featuring soundscapes, interviews, and sound art to a background of soul, old school hip-hop, ancient r’n’b, electronic music, and other musical gems. Sit back, relax, open your ears, and take it easy in our sonic living room.

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Since October 2000.

Sing, praise & worship satire.

Loosely inspired by evangelical radio formats, the Harvey Christ Radio Hour features storytelling, sermons and hymns – all performed live by Reverend Randy Peters, Reverend Norm, and Reverend Paco. Harvey Christians satirize dogmatic beliefs – across religion, politics, and pop culture —and mix the serious with the bizarre as an antidote to mainstream radio and religion. They’re a bunch of cockamamie, barn-burnin’ neo-compost-modern evangelical fools; divinely incomprehensible spiritual gurus (-neither beards nor rash); freaks in polyester & wool suits in high summer. Must be heard to be believed.

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