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is not currently scheduled.

CKUT PRESENTS Music department takes over this slot with a variety of programming. Thursday nights, 11pm-1am, alternating with L’Air(e) du Diable.

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They'll Play AnythingMusic


is not currently scheduled.

Antérieurement associé à Entertainment Through Pain et Système Minuit.

Laboratoire radiophonique et création sonore en direct — entretiens et documentaires sur l’art et la vie. La création radiophonique en tant — ou en temps — que — ou de — réalité, entraine une forme singulière de médiation entre êtres et non-êtres acousmatisés. Fictions pour faire dévier la Toute-Puissance radiophonique, participants anonymes, relations avec l’espace, inter-unités de présences, interstices dans des mélodies, ruptures de la mine, fusions des surfaces et autres phénomènes composent cette émission plutôt mal habillée, entre l’écoute des ondes et l’ubiquité des paysages sonores chez chacun des auditeurs. Des entretiens, avec des artistes, des musiciens, de même que des émissions réalisées par Mario Gauthier et Philémon Bézy ponctuent également notre programmation. Une émission d’André Éric Létourneau avec la participation occasionnelle de Guillaume Arseneault, Benjamin Muon, Érika Dumaine, Bertrand Pollux Boisvert et mineminemine (Magali Babin et Alexandre Saint-Onge) et autres invités.

Jeudi soir, 23h-1h en alternance avec Cabelli Présente.

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The 27th Hour

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 23:00-Tuesday 0:00.

Rocknroll your face off. Exploding the gospel of rocknroll in freek jazz, hollow bodied soul, 60s trash, trashabilly, cheese blues, and whatever else we deem necessary.

27th Hour screams live on CKUT Mondays 11pm and is laced with warm buzzing tape delay to bring you back to that old time of horror and real selection.

Best Music Program honorable mention at the 2013 National Campus & Community Radio Conference

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Rock Metal PunkMusic

ESL: Easy Sonic Living

is not currently scheduled.

Every second Tuesday from 11pm to midnight Easy Sonic Living brings you a live re-mixed sonic exploration into the depths of outer space, the human digestive system, and quirky found sounds from the interweb, etc. Featuring soundscapes, interviews, and sound art to a background of soul, old school hip-hop, ancient r’n’b, electronic music, and other musical gems. Sit back, relax, open your ears, and take it easy in our sonic living room.



is not currently scheduled.

Music & ideas from Brazil. Airs the first Monday of each month, 9:00-11:00am.

Alternates with Latin Music Mondays.

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Hotel Du Blues

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 21:00-23:00.

Since 2005, Hotel du Bleus has been a blues staple here at CKUT. With Vishwaa Ramakrishnan, we’re here to bring you all the blues, hits, associates and affiliates to play your night and woes away!

Do you have a particular song or artist you want played?

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Have questions, comments or concerns?

Feel free to email the show at

Mardi 21:00 - 23:00

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Jazz Gospel BluesMusic

Folk Directions

on CKUT 90.3 FM Thursday 9:00-11:00.

Folk Directions presents music based in and influenced by the folk tradition and highlights both traditional and contemporary music. While a majority of the music comes from North American folk, the program’s music comes from all around the world; all songs remain the music of the people, however, thus staying true to the essence of folk. Catch Folk Directions live each Thursday from 9:00-11:00 or download past shows at the bottom of this page.
Hosted by Gerry Goodfriend.

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Folk Country BluegrassMusic

Mind, Soul & Spirit

on CKUT 90.3 FM Sunday 6:00-7:00 and Sunday 7:00-9:00.

Hosted by Christopher Heron, Jennifer Belot and D.C (aka Dorothy Clarke) . Music and ministry: inspirational music, R&B praise and worship, and a variety of gospel music. Interviews with gospel artists both local and touring. Weekly birthday, anniversary announcements and event listings.

Jazz Gospel BluesMusic

Francis et les Exerciseurs

is not currently scheduled.

Exerce les demons de la musique tranditionelle avec une bonne dose de Musique Actuelle, electracoustique, bruitisme, pop obscur, concrete. Entre couper d’art auditif et d’acousmatique, pour oreilles averties. Ambiences Magnetique, Faust, Magali Babin, Peloguin Sauvageau, Helen Prevost … Avec Francis Arsenault - Francis Et Les Exerciseurs.

Tous les deuxiéme Jeudis 21:00 - 23:00 en alternance avec Chaud pour le Mont-Stone.

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Jazz Euphorium

on CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday 20:00-22:00.

Jazz Euphorium is a magazine-style show for jazz lovers of all stripes. Broadcasting since 1990, this show is an in-house program, which means it was created by CKUT and has had a rotating cast of jazzbos come in to host over the years. Each week a different voice is behind the mic, aiming to investigate a wide variety of music and keep listeners informed of upcoming events in Montreal. Listeners can often catch remote broadcasts, in-studio performances, and interviews. Check out their blog for playsheets and info. Jazz Euphorium airs every Wednesday 8 - 10pm.

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