CKUT’s annual general meeting is taking place Wednesday Nov 24th from 6pm - 8pm on ZOOM. You can RSVP by emailing You will be sent a link to the zoom meeting in your email. AGM is open to all McGill students (who have not opted out) and CKUT members. If you require translation please contact

If you are a CKUT community member (ie. not a McGill student) you will be sent an invoice to renew your membership. We encourage you to renew your membership at this time if BUT this is not possible you will still be able to attend and vote at the AGM. So please come!

What to expect? AGENDA

2020 Minutes

Financial Reports - how we are doing financially

Committee Reports - Board of Directors, Steering/Collective Management Report Programming Committee what went on in the past year

Motions -No Motions were submitted. Motions will not be taken from the floor.

Elections - There are seats available on the CKUT Board, Steering and Programming Committee. You must be a member in good standing and have participated at the station for a minimum of three months to run for one of these positions.

Board of Directors - Board terms are two years thus many members are returning to the Board.

The Board of Directors oversees the organization and is responsible to the membership. The Board approves financial statements, hiring of permanent staff and changes to permanent staff positions, approves policy, handles non-programming related grievances and complaints and is responsible for organizing the annual general meeting and any other general meetings. They meet once a month. Prospective Board members put themselves forward to a nominating committee for consideration. We will be electing one volunteer member of the nominating committee at the AGM.

Two Seats:

Community Member

Active Volunteer Member

The Board is looking for a Treasurer if you are interested and want to know more email

Steering Committee - The Steering Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of the station. It is composed of all permanent staff and volunteer representation from Music, Spoken Word, News Departments as well as McGill Student Representation.

Three Seats open: Spoken Word Community News McGill Student

Programming Committee - The programming committee is responsible for CKUT’s broadcasting license. This committee ensures that CKUT is in compliance with CRTC policy, the Broadcasting Act and CKUT policy regarding programming. The review shows, approve new and special programming and deal with complaints pertaining to on air content.

Seats open : McGill Student Rep Two Music Rep Community Volunteer Rep Francophone Rep