Jeremy Young hosts If You Got Ears May 2016

Jeremy Young If You Got Ears - Mission Statement

The purpose of this residency is to reimagine my role as a radio jockey as an active creative participant in the flow of music throughout the set. I will be “performing” my material alongside other artists’ music, integrating my own arsenal of reel-to-reel tape loops live to both intervene with as well as smoothly usher along the narrative of the set. We’re going to explore the dreamstate together, lots of repetition and lots of loops, and each set will wonderfully dictate its own sense of time and time space. What fun!

With four episodes/performances, there will be four themes generated by the work of Gavin Bryars, Martha Reeves, Jason Molina and The Necks. Using these artists’ work as a starting point, each set will intuitively cascade out, letting the songs lay the path. Here’s a looping glimmer.



The Chants Beneath Project