Campus Mixtapes

Image via I Heart Noise

Outside of sharing one’s excellent taste in music, one of the main attractions of DJing is exploring the creative potential of mixing tunes together, you know, conceiving a flow that’s more than the sum of it’s parts. Our programmers do this all the time when they DJ for CKUT, and we want you to get in on this action by uploading tunes to our website Campus Mixtapes!

Campus Mixtapes is a music sharing project open to any member of CKUT or member of the McGill community (students, staff, profs…). Users are free to upload mixes of any genre – whether it’s experimental freeform stuff you’ve mixed yourself, or a straightforward compilation of Top 40 hits. So go to! Especially you new members of the station and the university - it’s a great way to share your musical loves with us.

via (((Total Eclipse))) CKUT Music Dept. blog!