Losing Frequencies: The Story of 88.1FM. CRTC Turns the Dial on CKLN

Need some background? The Toronto frequency of 88.1FM was awarded to a commercial, rock station. This frequency has a lot of history. It was the former home of CKLN, Ryerson campus and Toronto community station. CKLN was known for giving air space to underrepresented communities, music and culture. It packed the airwaves with top-notch social justice programming and good beats, different from the top 40 played on most other stations. Check out the whole series on the Media Coop.

Losing Frequencies #1:OpenMedia.ca on the Big Changes at the CKLN

Losing Frequencies #2: National Campus/Community Radio Respond to Losing 88.1FM

Losing Frequencies #3: Radio Ryerson Applicants Face Defeat in Vying for 88.1FM

Losing Frequencies #4: Reflections on CKLN 88.1FM and Campus/Community Radio in Canada

Losing Frequencies #5: Looking Through the Lens of Radio Ryerson

Losing Frequencies #6: A Final Reflection on Losing 88.1FM

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