Off the Hour / Apr. 10th, 5-6pm / Occupation at UQAM

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Featured on today’s show:

Today on the show, CKUT member Anouk Millet interviewed Marie Blais, president of the Syndicat des Charges de Cours at UQAM. They discussed the recent events and altercations between the university’s administration, the police forces and the students, in light of Wednesday‘s occupation

Then, CKUT’s Sheyla Ferrando interviewed John Bennet from the Sierra Club Canada Foundation. They are presenting the project EnergieYeast, that want to use the pipeline to transport grain through Canada. CKUT wanted to learn more about the aspects and ambitions of that project.

Then, On Saturday april 11, the Climate Action March will take place in Québec City. It’s part of a full week-end dedicated to environmental issues in Québec and organised by the committee Climate Action, supported by some famous guests. It’s also an attempt to put pression on the prime ministers of the provinces, who are meeting on monday in Québec to elaborate a common strategy for the Paris summit on the environment at the end of the year. Antoine Cadaux spoke with Patrick Bonnin to talk about this week-end.

And finally, we are going to talk about the death of an unarmed black citizen, Walter Scott, shot by a white policeman, Michael Slager. We bring you Democracy Now to shed some new light on the matter.

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