Off the Hour / June 2nd, 5-6pm / Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indigenous Residential Schools final report

credits: Marta Iwanek

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Featured on today’s program:

Today on the program, on May 16, an Egyptian court sentenced ex-president Mohamed Morsi and 105 others to death. The charges against Morsi and others relate to the breakdown of Egypt’s political prisons in the turmoil following the 2011 revolution. CKUT’s Anna Marchese spoke to Mohammad Kamel from the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy to learn more.

Then, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indigenous Residential Schools released it’s final report in Ottawa today, after more than 5 years of public hearings and testimonials. The commission has made 94 recommendations to move forward and heal from what it calls cultural genocide committed in Canada. We’ll go to Vancouver, to hear coverage from Coop Radio’s Gunargie O’Sullivan, a residential school survivor and radio broadcaster.

But first up, CKUT’s Patrick Lefebvre will speak with Frank Allen, founder and CEO of the Cerebral Palsy Support Foundation of Canada, to discuss services available nation wide for people living with CP.

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