Off The Hour / Sept. 29, 5-6pm / One-year anniversary of the forced disappearance of 43 Mexican students from the State of Guerrero

(Photo Credit : C. Hernandez, 2014)

Featured on today’s program :

  • The latest edition of Groundwire !

  • An interview with Maximo Olivares, a member of the Montreal-based collective Mexicans United for Regularization, about one-year anniversary of the missing 43 Mexican students in the state of Guerrero Mexico, and Canada’s complicity in Mexico’s state violence.

  • On September 24th, BDS Quebec (Boycott, Desinvestissement, Sanctions, en français), a pro-palestinian group, were supposed to do an action on Avenue Parc to denounce the complicity of Harper’s government in the assassination of palestinian kids in Gaza by Israel State. After attacks of zionists during a poster campaign, the demonstration was canceled.

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