Podcast: McGill Daily & CKUT: An Alternative Summit on Higher Education

Red Square Round Two? Did you know a large chunk of “student aid” goes into recruitment funds to bring researchers to McGill? Where does McGill spend its funding, more on students or on fancy furniture and new buildings? Could the PQ’s suggested increase be more than what Charest had laid out?

All these answers and more! Listen back to CKUT and the McGill Daily podcast broadcasting from the Shatner Building on McGill Campus with a panel on higher education and tuition fees, with a special focus on the numbers.

As thousands took to the streets Tuesday for a night demonstration, it was clear that Pauline Marois was wrong. At the Post Education Summit held in late February she declared that the “social crisis is behind us”, referring to the six months of protest on the streets to proposed tuition hikes by former Quebec Premier Jean Charest. CKUT 90.3fm and the McGill Daily joined forces to ask if this is red square, round two, and to continue the conversation on accessibility and higher education. We spoke with members of ASSE, the McGill student body and the Post Graduate Student’s Society at McGill, and Media Coop journalist covering the hikes.

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