Radio Moon: Mental Health & Love

The April 18th show (2 to 3pm) of Radio Moon will explore the trials and triumphs of Mental Health and Love.

Tune in for poems recited by Radio Moon members Lesia, Gaeton and Francis, an interview with Dr.Laurie Betitto, a licensed sex therapist and the host of the show Passion on CJAD. Jame will review of Silver-Linings Playbook, a new romantic comedy about psychiatry and romance, as well as looking at how love can trigger mental health problems, but also create solutions. The show will also feature a radio play written by Nick Serjeantson called Rick Ranger and the Interesting Love Experiences, performed by Grant Pytel, Robert Moffard, Noel Evans and Nick Serjeantson with radio, love, Klingons and clown therapists in the mix and with a little Mary had aLittle Lamb thrown in for good measure.Throughout the show you will also hear Your on the Air segments in which the Forward House Night Program* *share their thoughts on love, memories of first dates and more. And, for the grand finale, members of Radio Moon will share their personal thoughts about and their experiences with love!