If You Got Ears - July Edition!

Local composer Christopher Strickland is bringing all sorts of otherworldly sounds to the airwaves, and here’s a description of what you can expect to hear over the next month:

“For my month at CKUT I want to focus on composers and artist that experiments and explores all aspects of music; duration, space, structure, material and timbre. Often, the idea of experiential music is conceptualized as either virtuosic free jazz that has no space between the sounds or insistent psychedelic roller coaster rides, which, as it seems to me, may deviate a little from the standardize pop song format , but, mostly eschews exploration in the aforementioned qualities of music.

The music I’ll be exposing to CKUT listeners will be the opposite of that, it may be characterized as cerebral or precious since it is not about instant gratification. All this may sound like a bitter egg and harsh indictment of the happy go-lucky anything goes spirit of Montreal’s experimental music community; however, I merely desire to challenge and broaden people’s understanding of what constitutes a musical experience. How could that not be anything but entirely pleasant and beneficial to everyone?”

Tune in every Wednesday of July from 12-2pm!