Today on Off the Hour at 5pm: Radio Resistance, Lindsay ON. Hunger Striker, and Talking Radical Radio!

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Featured on tonight’s show:

–> Radio Resistance’s interview with Isabeau Doucet, a journalist examining Haitian workers› rights in the context of the rising global demand for cheap clothing.

–> A Guelph Prison Radio Collective interview with Erik Kusi, a detainee currently hunger striking at a prison in Lindsay, Ontario where over 180 immigration detainees have been protesting against conditions of their detention. Read more about this situation here and find ways to support here.

–> A piece from Talking Radical Radio with organizers Khatija and Madeleine, who will speak about their work as part of the AKA Autonomous Social Centre in Kingston, Ontario. They will talk about the co-operatively owned and run space and the interlinked collectives that constitute the project, and their thoughts about why this kind of slow, deliberate, long-term work must be one element in overall struggles for social change.

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