Prison Radio, today 5-6pm: Palestinian Political Prisoners & more

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The Prison Radio Show will have its monthly feature on birthdays for North American Political prisoners and P.O.W.s.

We have a news update on Palestinian prisoners, who have recently died inside Israel prisons.

We have a report back from the Running Down The Walls event and fundraiser that takes place inside and outside prisons. This year’s event took place in Hamilton, Ontario.

Federal prisoners are still fighting against the Offender Accountability Initiative, which includes the recent 30% wage cuts for working prisoners. To report on the strike we have an interview with Jacquie Nicholson from the Prisoners’ Strike Support Network in Winnipeg.

We also have an interview with Brendan Casey, an independent republican who lives in Ireland. The focus is on Ireland post 1998 and ongoing struggles against criminalization and imprisonment.

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