Share your stories about Mental Health in University! January 23

Invitation to participate in a radio program: University Education and Mental Health

Have you ever heard of Radio Moon collective? We are a monthly program that focuses on mental health, by and dedicated to folks working on their mental health.

In January, we focus on university and mental health. Is university good for your mental health? Is there adequate support? What needs to improve? We are inviting you, whether you are a student, staff or faculty at McGill, Concordia, Universite de Montreal or UQAM, to share insights from your struggles with mental health at university.

You can share your story! Talk about what triggered your problems, what support you found or didn’t find, stigma you’ve experienced, changes you would like to see to improve the mental health of students, and more; share perspectives on university and mental health in general; or share an artistic performance inspired by this topic.

The program will take place at the Thompson on McGill campus, and broadcast live on CKUT 90.3fm. Date: Thursday, January 23rd between 2-3pm. Get in touch before by emailing us at, or look at