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Tomorrow, protestors will gather in Montreal at the Viau metro station in order to protest against the approval by the National Energy Board’s decision to approve the reversal plan for Enbridge’s line 9. Not only are the Tar Sands causing extensive and irreversible damage to the environment, the transport of these materials in this old pipeline would highly increase the possibility of pipeline breaks and damaging spills. Native communities and environmental activists are fighting against this project.

Last Tuesday, March 11th, a group of women intellectuals hosted a discussion at the bookshop called «Port de Tête» on Mont-Royal. The talks were about a book they have just published called «Le Québec, la Charte, l’Autre, Et après» which sheds light on the way the Quebec Charter of Values has been impacting local minority groups. CKUT’s Justin Juice interviewed Cecile Rousseau who is a clinical psychiatrist at McGill University as well as a contributor to the book.

The United States and European Union imposed sanctions Monday on a handful of Russian and Ukrainian officials following the referendum that took place in Crimea on Sunday. More than 96 percent of Crimean voters supported uniting the peninsula with Russia, where tens of thousands turned out in rallies both for and against Russian involvement in the Ukraine. Ekaterina Danilova reports.

More than a decade ago a leading Muslim human rights lawyer disappeared in Thailand. There has been little progress investigating his disappearance. Human rights activists and the International Commission of Jurists say Thailand needs to be held to greater account regarding its human rights record, especially in cases of forced disappearances and extrajudicial abuses. Ron Corben reports.

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