Off the hour / Apr. 25, 5-6pm / Panel on pipelines and resistance to the Alberta Tar Sands

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On today’s show:

We bring you an Off the Hour special live panel on pipelines and resistance to the Alberta Tar Sands. From May 10th until June 14th, a grassroots coalition known as the People’s March for Mother Earth will be walking nearly 700 kilometers across Quebec to speak with communities about the negative impacts of oil and gas pipelines. We will be joined in studio and on the phone by a panel of environmental activists who will bring us more.

You’ll also hear an interview with Naser al-Raas, a human rights activist living in Ottawa who was jailed and detained in Bahrain after attending a series of pro-democracy protests in 2011. Jailed without a fair trail or any clear evidence Naser speaks about being detained in Bahrain within the context of a growing number of political prisoners in the country.

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