Off the Hour / May 7, 5-6pm / Trans Pride Day / Crimea

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Featured on today’s show:

As tensions continue to rise in Russia and Crimea following the popular uprisings in Ukraine this year, we’ll hear from Andre, an activist based in Crimea, reflecting on the most recent updates.

COBP and l’ASSE are preparing a demonstration in solidarity with the victims of police brutality on May 7th. Jennifer from COBP spoke with CKUT to further discuss about the upcoming demonstration and the brutality of Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) against demonstrators.

Women in Cities International, a Montreal-based NGO, focuses on policy development and on-the-ground application of programs and projects aimed at improving the lives of urban women in our city and around the World. Off the Hour’s Andre Goulet spoke with the organization’s executive director, Kathryn Travers, to talk about the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives› report released last week concerning The Best and Worst Cities for Women in Canada.

Trans Pride Day, or Journée Fierté Trans, was held this past Satuday, May 3rd at the Comitè Social Centre Sud. CKUT’s Jaime Maclean was there to bring us more.

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