Off the Hour / May 9 / Anti-police brutality vigil

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Featured on today’s program:

You’ll hear a report from Wednesday’s demonstration against police brutality and repression from outside the SPVM headquarters downtown, organized by the COBP and ASSE.

On April 29th, Gaza’s Ark, an activist boat carrying humanitarian and medical supplies to the occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip, was attacked by the Israeli army. CKUT’s June Jang spoke with Ehab Lotayef, a local activist and coordinator of the Gaza Ark project, to bring us more.

In gender justice news, the day after Saturday’s Trans pride day, the Centre for gender advocacy has taken legal action against the Quebec government to change laws they say are discriminatory toward’s the province’s trans and intersex people. CKUT’s Hailey Mackinnon will bring us an interview with Gabrielle Bouchard of the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

We bring you a live panel on community resistance to gentrification on the island of Montreal. Last weekend, residents of several different neighborhoods met for the A Qui La Ville assembly, an initiative to begin coordinating neighborhood-based activism to fight austerity, rising rents, and the commodification of public space. We’ll hear from some of the organizers of the assembly about what their plans are for the future.

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