Francesco De Gallo hosts If You Got Ears May 2014

For this month’s IYGE, Montreal based musician Francesco De Gallo (hobo cubes) will be playing a wide variety of sounds: from free-jazz to abstract electronics to techno and funk. There are a few guest-mixes in the works + he will have an in studio performance by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger leading up to their Mutek show.

If you got wheels - you should definitely tune in to the May 14th episode of If You Got Ears cause they will be giving away tickets to various shows at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle in Victoriaville.


Montreal experimental musician Francesco De Gallo’s voluminous discography reveals the breath of his talent and interests - and a soft spot for twisted analog minimalism. De Gallo mostly records as Hobo Cubes (sublime gauzy synthscapes) but also releases under monikers such as The H (acid techno with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) and Dozens (glowing psych pop with Ryan Connolly). He runs Hobo Cult Records, a label dedicated to limited edition cassettes. Heavily influenced by the electronic avant-garde, De Gallo is mostly drawn to improvisation and a mathematic exploration of music. After years of electronic exploration and untamed abstraction, Hobo Cubes is pushing the boundaries of his sound using waves of techno, house and glitch.

He has just released his debut LP entitled ‹Apex Ideals› on Seattle label Debacle Records and is awaiting the imminent release of The H - Sewer Club 12» on Motor. Recent live shows include Mutek 15x15 for Nuit Blanche + Mutek in May 2013, playing alongside Steve Hauschildt, Ital for Forbidden Planet 13 and was featured in last year’s edition of Pop Montreal. He is currently working on his follow-up record ‹A Certain Vastness›.