Off the Hour / May 13, 5-6pm / Residents Demand Social Housing in Verdun

Photo: Amelie Phillipson(Photo credit: Amelie Phillipson)

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Featured on today’s program:

-Yesterday, social housing rights group FRAPRU is organizing a series of actions in the lead up to the May 16th demonstration in front of the Ministry of finance in Quebec City. Yesterday, FRAPRU and the Citizens Action Committee of Verdun organized a gathering to demand 1000 new social housing units in the area. Off the Hour’s Amelie Phillipson was there to bring us more.

-Last saturday, Solidarity Across Borders organized a brunch to raise money for Ivonne Hernandez, a Mexican migrant fighting to stay in Canada with her one year-old son. Just like Ivonne, more than half a million people in Canada live without papers today. The fundraiser attracted families and friends in an effort to raise awareness about the problems that immigrants face. Clémentine Koenig was there to cover the event.

-The Quebec Network of Environmental groups announced at the end of last month their solidarity with the people who got arrested at the October 10th demonstration against Enbridge’s Line 9-B pipeline project by sponsoring a Human rights complaint on behalf of the arrestees. CKUT’s Amelie Phillipson spoke with the network’s general coordinator Bruno Masse of the network on how severe police repression is affecting the environmental movement.

-On May 1st, the canadian council of academies released a report titled «The Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada» under commission from the canadian minister of the environment. CKUT’s Una Jefferson talked to Gretchen Fitzgerald and Heidi Verheul from the Atlantic chapter of Sierra Club Canada about the report’s findings and implications. 

-And finally, we’ll go to the Philippines for a report from a fact-finding mission about violence and intimidation against Filipino workers. Every Tuesday during the month of May, the CKUT Community News Collective brings you a series of reports by David Koch from an International Fact-Finding Mission to that country.

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