Monday Morning After: May 19 , 7-9 AM

Tune into the Monday Morning After (May 19 , 7-9AM) for a discussion with montreal based artist and activist Kevin Lo about Howl Art’s, Art, Anachy and Social Movements panel coming up on Wendnsday May 28. As well as, some highlights from Montreal Monochrome 2, organised by Articule. A panel dicussion challenging the lack of ethnic diversity in the art scene of Montreal.

Also on the program, CKUT’s Victoria Grosko interviews an the interview with the eyewhitness of Odessa city tragedy that took place in Ukraine on May 2, 2014, where the violence, and primarily a fire,left 46 people dead and another 200 injured.

Featured image is taken from: 100 nuits rouges visit them for more inspiration!