Yellow Noise Bio:

Yellow Noise is a Canadian media platform of Asian self-representation focusing on intersectionality and solidarity with other marginalized groups. They work to highlight young Asian identifying peoples in the West who push the boundaries of artistic and political expression. Yellow Noise’s Montreal Sessions for CKUT is hosted by Sam Lu and Melanie Palapuz. They will be presenting their respective DJ sets and also interviewing local Asian-identified artists. On Montreal Sessions, they hope to open a dialogue about what it means to be Asian in a music scene where Asian people do not have enough representation or direct influence. They work to acknowledge the multiplicity of perspectives involved within the Asian identity.

Melanie Palapuz is a Filipina-Canadian multidisciplinary designer based in Montreal, Canada. Her current interests are where urban culture, art, music, and interactive media intersect. She is also interested in how we inhabit the spaces around us, and how music can be curated to create unique ambient experiences. In her spare time she likes to DJ chill house, alternative, and indie music sets. She has formerly hosted a radio show called The Vibe Room on CJLO 1690 AM.

Sam Lu is a Chinese-Canadian musician raised in Vancouver, currently based in Montreal. He is interested in the political and socio-historical backgrounds and contexts of music. He is invested in the creation of an Asian-American/Canadian cultural identity, a space for much needed dialogue within this cultural context. His DJ sets consist of melding together East Asian pop/dance music with international underground club music.