Alright, Now What?

"Alright, Now What?" is a podcast from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. On the first Friday of every month, CKUT will air one new episode and two episodes from the archives where the CWF's experts and partners put an intersectional feminist lens on one topic or story we’ve all been hearing about … the issues and stories that just seem to keep resurfacing and make you wonder, “What’s this about?”, “Why is this still happening?”, and “How is it possible we haven’t fixed this yet?” They explore the systemic roots of these things and the strategies for change that will move us closer to the goal of gender justice.
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Archives from 2024

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    April 26, 2024: Misogynoir in Digital Spaces With Yamikani Msosa & Digital Creator Alicia Mccarvell | Playlist | Pop-up listenListen | Download
  • Favoriting
    February 2, 2024: Rainbow Organizations Facing Hate With Stephanie Jonsson / Gendered Digital Hate with Fallon Farinacci | Playlist | Pop-up listenListen | Download
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