Introducing Joy, a podcast dedicated to exploring the interplay between joy and mental health. Join host Sasha Avrutsky as they delve into the impacts of identity on experiences of joy, the mental illness phenomena among comedians, and more.

CKUT Music Department

All kinds of audio related to the CKUT Music Department - interviews, live performances, and more.

CKUT Time Capsule

Radio that tells the station's story, since 1986.

Tastes of Brasil

Tastes of Brasil is a podcast that talks about Brazilian food in Montreal, such as tapioca, açaí, pão de queijo, brigadeiro, coxinha and pastel.

Campus Under the Sun

Introducing Campus Under The Sun, a podcast dedicated to unraveling the summer term at McGill University specifically. Join host Titouan as he delves into the world of summer courses, campus life, and student experiences during the sunny months at McGill.

Interviews by Samaa Elibyari

Samaa Elibyari is a long-time activist in the Arab/Muslim community in Montreal. She has been a host/producer of Caravan, a weekly bilingual news program, broadcast on CKUT waves from 2000 till 2011. Presently, she is one of the monthly contributors to Amandla, a staple of CKUT’s news programming since 1987.

Terrorism, Law, and Democracy (2002)

A documentary series examining the consequences of September 11th , 2001 on Canada's legal and political system.


Dive into the fascinating world of genetics, from classic genetics and heredity to cutting-edge advancements in genetic engineering and genomics. Join us for thought-provoking discussions and interviews with leading researchers and graduate students as we explore the latest breakthroughs and insights in genetics.


An original suspenseful radio play by Fred Azeredo

CKUT Spoken Word Department

Interviews and features from CKUT's community news and arts & culture teams.

Sojourns in Slumberland

An original audio mystery by Fred Azeredo

Expanding Economics

The Expanding Economics Podcast aims to shift the focus in economics by discussing alternative perspectives and incorporating concepts such as environmentalism, clarity and social justice in economic thinking.

West Indian Rhythms Quarantine Conversations

Saturday afternoon conversations with legends of reggae and Caribbean music.

Tell Me Muse

Tell Me Muse is a student-run podcast that interviews recent McGill Classics graduates to answer the question “What is Classics?” The discipline is wide and new research keeps expanding it. Join us as we plunge into Ancient Greek and Roman literature, mythology, philosophy, archaeology, and more!

The Sleepwalker

Get ready, we're leaving in five. A podcast about what goes down after dusk in Montreal, Canada. Be it Uber drivers, sex workers, 24/7 emergency hotlines, the entertainment business, music and partying, we follow them around for a night.

Sojourns In Space

An original science fiction radio drama set in the 23rd century, by Fred Azeredo

Conversations in Corridors

Sasha and Gabriel are two students looking to make some connections with the workers of McGill University. Follow along as they discover McGill’s ugly truths, cherished memories, and everything in between from the very people who have been working there the longest.

Signs Of The Times

Signs of the Times is a show trying to understand the uncharted cultural waters that we find ourselves in today. We talk with artists, activists, and academics from Tiotia:ke/Montréal who are doing relevant, interesting, and empowering work in our communities, tracing out the various factors that are currently driving our culture to figure out where we're going and how we can steer towards a better destination.

Covid Campus Chronicles

Reports from life on Campus, with Noma Mirny.

Talking Culture

Produced with support from CKUT and the McGill University Anthropology department, Talking Culture is about what it means to be human and all the paths anthropology takes to explore that question. The deep conversations and stories layered with field recordings and found sound approach a broad range of anthropological topics.

Out of the Fog

Where stories about family, adoption and power intertwine. We aim to break the shame and isolation surrounding the lives of those affected by family separation through frank and open conversation.

Broad Science

Making science engaging, inclusive and intersectional through storytelling.


Dragonroot is a collaboration between CKUT and the Centre for Gender Advocacy and aims to produce anti-oppressive media with a focus on gender.

No New Normal

Produced by CKUT's News Department, No New Normal unpacks questions raised in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, examining the structural rifts exposed by the pandemic and the convergent struggles that have emerged in the aftermath of the 2020 quarantine.