CKUT’s Station Policy “Blue Book” (July 2022)

CKUT Violence and Harassment Prevention Policy

CKUT Bylaws (2015)

Financial Statements (2023)



CKUT’s various committees assemble to discuss and debate everything from the meaning of “alternative” media to who will clean the downstairs toilet. Participating on a CKUT committee can be sometimes fascinating, sometimes excruciating and often challenging.

To be eligible for a committee you must have been an active member (volunteering regularly, either on or off the air) for a minimum of three months and be available for the regular meeting times. Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

If you are interested in running for a committee, contact your department coordinator!


Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is CKUT’s executive body, meeting weekly to discuss the administrative affairs of the station, short and long term planning, station events, etc. The committee is composed of staff and volunteer representatives, but community members and station volunteers are welcome to attend meetings.

In addition to meetings, volunteer reps should devote at least one additional hour per week to review documents and email in preparation for the meetings. Total time commitment: 10-12 hours a month.

Steering Committee Reps 2024-2025:

McGill Student Representative – Michelle Wang

Volunteer Representative – Georgia Campbell-Irwin


Programming Committee:

Mandated to monitor, review and schedule all on-air activities, this committee is a big deal. The committee also approves new program proposals and special programming projects. Members are elected volunteers and represent different aspects of CKUT programming. The committee meets once every two weeks.

Meetings happen twice a month. In addition to meetings, volunteer reps will need (at minimum) an additional hour per week to review shows and help compile monthly reports. Total time commitment: 5 – 7 hours a month.

Programming Committee Reps 2024-2025:

Amanda Benn – Black Block Rep
Ian Thomas – Black Block Rep
Celia Robinovich – Women’s Rep
Onyx Nagiecka – Trans Rep
Wendy Zhao – Community Rep
Marc Mekhanik – Music Rep
Kayley Chang – McGill Student Rep
Jules Bugiel – Community News Rep


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reads the fine print, approves the annual budget, engages in community outreach and keeps CKUT’s eye on the bigger picture. As well, they enjoy the perks of juice and cookies. Directors are McGill students, McGill faculty and administrators, CKUT volunteers, staff and members of the general Montreal community.

The Board of Directors meets the first Monday of each month. Meetings are open to members provided that they contact the Chair of the Board or a staff member at least one week prior to the meeting. Please write if you are interested in joining the board.

Board of Directors 2024-2025:

Chair – Open

CKUT Steering Committee Representative (Interim Chair) – Alex Moskos

Community Representative (Vice-Chair) – Pat Dillon-Moore

SSMU (Student Society of McGill University) Representative – Jon Barlas

PGSS (Post Graduate Student Society) Representative – Gina Cormier

CKUT Staff Representative – Jack Solar

Volunteer Representative – David Read

Volunteer Representative (Secretary) – Brynna Childs

Community Representative – Mariam Salaymeh

Community Representative – Karissa Posthumus

McGill Student Representative – Michael Khayat

McGill Student Representative – Dahlia Harrison-Irwin



Grievance Committee

The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to review complaints entailing decisions made by the Steering or Programming Committees, or any other internal dispute which cannot otherwise be resolved. The Grievance Committee holds no regular meetings; it meets only when the need arises.

For any complaints related to on-air radio programming please email

For more information on correct grievance procedures please contact the Chair of CKUT’s Board of Directors at Also see Appendix 2: Grievance Procedures in CKUT’s Blue Book of policy.

Please do not contact Grievance Committee Reps directly.