DJs at CKUT make their own musical selections, without the aid of a playlist, choosing from recordings sent to CKUT by artists and record companies around the world as well as from their own private collections.

We accept a wide variety of formats including CDs, cassettes, 12″ and 7″ vinyl records and cassettes. Please note that we do not accept singles. With the exception of vinyl 7″s, submissions must have at least three distinct tracks to be considered for our library. Remixes don’t count!

Please drop off or mail your stuff to:

CKUT 90.3FM / Music Department / 3647 University St. / Montreal, Quebec / H3A 2B3

“But can’t I just email my band’s music to CKUT?”

Technically, yes. We accept 320 MP3 digital submissions, and we evaluate them with the same criteria that we use for physical releases. However, we get a lot of submission requests by email. While we try our best to listen to everything that is sent to us digitally, we cannot guarantee that we’ll get the chance to review every digital submission we receive. Only releases that fit our library criteria will be accepted for our digital collection. Keep in mind that many of our programmers prefer physical releases, so your release may get more attention if we receive a hard copy.

Digital submissions can be sent to

Music in any form sent to Joni Sadler will have an immediate strike against it. Joni is deceased and the current music coordinator’s name is Alex Moskos.