Getting Involved at CKUT

What can I do at CKUT?

Volunteers can participate in any of the following areas:

Music (programming, interviews, features, sound art, music library…)

Arts & Culture (programming, interviews, features, reviews, radio plays…)

News (community news, international news, debates, features, documentaries…)

Production (learn to edit audio, record audio, set up soundsystems, DJ…)

Funding and Outreach (grant writing, social media, our annual funding drive, benefit concerts, organizing special events…)

*We are currently looking for anyone with a passion for social media or grant-writing experience to help out in this department!*

Technology (brainstorming, designing, and implementing the technological systems that power CKUT’s IT department)

Administration (learn about nonprofits…)

Archiving (digging thru the station’s many fascinating archives looking for treasure…)

Station Governance (overall management of the station and its policies & programming…)

Music Department Volunteering

This is a list of the usual stuff the CKUT 90.FM Music Department needs help with:

Listening sessions: we need people to be our personal office DJ while we work and critique what gets put on… this is sounds kind of silly but it’s essential to make sure we get through the stacks of newly released music!

– We need help processing CD’s (stickering them and making them available for inclusion into our collection)

– We need help filing releases in the library

– We need help making pre-recorded programming as backup shows

– We need help taking photos of bands and shows

– We need help with the blog

– Filling in for music shows or joining collective music shows.

Spoken Word Volunteering

Here is a list of the usual stuff the CKUT 90.FM Spoken Word Department needs help with:

The Community News Collective. If you want to try your hand at doing local journalism and producing a weekly news show, this is the spot for you. No experience necessary– just an interest in radio production, local news, journalism, and working collaboratively.

– Covering arts and culture or news events in the city. Are you tapped into what’s going on in the city? or do you want to be? Want to go to a theatre performance? or a protest? Bring along a camera and a Zoom recorder and be our fly on the wall.

Making pre-recorded programming as backup shows. You can deep dive in our archives and curate a time capsule episode, or work on something fresh.

– Helping with social media.

– Writing for the blog. This can entail writing out blog posts to accompany programming, or reviewing/covering local events, or something else– feel free to pitch ideas!

– Joining collective shows. We are currently looking to re-establish a feminist media collective a la Dragonroot Radio, to fill out a new crew to host Ecolibrium, and we are always looking for McGill students to join All Things McGill!

What if I have never made radio before?

No problem! CKUT offers different levels of training in a variety of areas designed to support all of the CKUT activities listed above and more.

We have great facilities and equipment that our volunteers have access to when working on CKUT projects.

Intern at CKUT

Internships at CKUT are opportunities for students and non-students to:

– Learn new technical, research, coordinating, promotion, and interviewing skills

– Access alternative media and archival resources

– Create connections with social justice groups, media organizers, and members of the CKUT and McGill community.

McGill University does not have a journalism program, so CKUT plays an essential role on campus to offer a space for training and broadcasting. CKUT can help put research into action and act as a vehicle to both bring the important work done at McGill to the greater public and bring the important work done in the Montreal community to the McGill population. In this way, CKUT represents a critical voice for the McGill campus and offers a link for students to connect to the broader Montreal community.

Compensation: McGill students can apply to the Faculty of Arts Internship Awards for compensation (see Media @ McGill in particular).

Credit: Students may also arrange to do internships at CKUT in exchange for credit with their University or CEGEP. For McGill students, you will need to find a professor to supervise your internship. See more information here.

Apply for an Internship

Internships can take on a variety of forms at CKUT. If you have an idea for an internship – either to help with existing projects at CKUT, or to create something new – please write one of our department coordinators: (Music) (Arts & Culture / News) (Studios & Equipment) (I.T.) (Fundraising and Outreach) – *currently looking for a social media intern and anyone with grant-writing experience!* (Advertising and Partnership Development)

More information about each of our departments can be found here.

Jobs at CKUT

All CKUT job postings will appear on the front page of our website and will be circulated via our newsletters.

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