On the air since 1996, The ffiles is an intersectional feminist media collective grounded in community radio.

The ffiles is committed to validating and disseminating the voices and work of artists who face systemic barriers as a result of their race, sexuality, gender, lifestyle, class, ability. Through their programming, the collective seeks to create space for marginalized artists within the local scene, while mindfully trying to resist processes of tokenization and commodification in their efforts to participate in and contribute to anti-oppressive community networks.

ffiles produces work that explores our current technological landscape in the broadest sense. Their programming reflects an interest in themes that centre around, but are not limited to, transmission practices, sound healing, electronic music discourse, noise, techno-feminisms, the voice, and much more.

The collective hosts a weekly radio show on CKUT every Wednesday, as well as a monthly show on Montréal’s N10.AS. They program and present live audio-visual performances, artist talks, pirate radio installations and DJ sets.


Started by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy, The ffiles first aired in 1996. In 1997, Valérie d. Walker joined the show and fuelled it for over 16 years along with co-hosts Anita Cotic, Bérengère Marin-Dubuard. In 2010, she welcomed Britt Wray to the team. In 2011, the co-hosts were Maia Iotzova and Maya Richman, and in 2014, Stéphanie Dufresne, aka Fanie de la Fresne, Amanda-É. Clément and Nnedimma Nnebe, aka The Urban Dweller all joined.

The current team is composed of Amanda Harvey, and Sophie Marisol, Lizz Khan, Josh Marquis and Désirée Nore Duchesne.

To learn more about the history of the ffiles, listen here.

Archives from 2024

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    June 12, 2024: Contemporary Lakota Mythologies | Interview with Suzanne Kite | Archive | Playlist (Playlist still being updated) | Pop-up listenListen | Download
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    June 5, 2024: Sound in Solidarity | Featuring Zaidybaby | Archive | Playlist (Playlist still being updated) | Pop-up listenListen | Download
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