Montreal Mosaic

Montreal Mosaic is a show that probes into how newcomers to Montreal, Quebec and Canada at large embark on a journey of settlement as they build a new home and identity here.

Three years ago, the show started off with an exclusive focus on Montreal's Arabic community and was entitled Montreal Arab, and we're excited about trying to be more versatile as we take the show to broader horizons.
Immigrants often end up being stuck in a "sweet spot" between two worlds and states: here and there, and now versus then. Leaving everything behind and starting a new life in a different place is what all these people share, but their perspectives and stories are uniquely different. Each and every story matters; that's what we try to capture for our listeners.

As such, Mosaic is interested in how newly integrated Montrealers or racialized Canadians express themselves through various media, such as art, spirituality, business, and politics. The show also tackles immigration from a legal, procedural angle. We sometimes interview immigration consultants, international students, international student advisors, school directors and policy makers, political thinkers and activists.

Diaspora is another central theme Mosaic delves into, with a special focus on the Palestinian cause. Last but not least, Mosaic occasionally covers both local and international news stories. We take pride in playing Arabic songs that many Arabic speakers enjoy and miss listening to, though most interviews are done in the English language, as we aim to attract more listeners to our show.

“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” ― Jimmy Carter

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