Off The Hour: No Borders Media

A monthly show broadcasting voices from the frontlines of the movements for migrant justice and indigenous solidarity. No Borders Media highlights the struggles of communities in resistance, with a focus on the self-determination struggles of Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and working class people of colour.
No Borders Media is in public confrontation with the Canadian state, organizing to fight against poverty, racism, police brutality, prisons, detentions and deportations, as well as opposing the displacement and genocide of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

No Borders Media actively supports and highlights the organizing of allied groups, including Solidarity Across Borders and the Collectif de résistance antiraciste in Montreal, as well as No One Is Illegal groups across Canada.

Off The Hour is CKUT's daily corporate-free news program. It reflects our community because it is made by our community.

Archives from 2024

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    January 4, 2024: What's Going Down? A look at the upcoming year of resisting the far-right & fascism in the USA (with It's Going Down) | Pop-up listenListen | Download
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