Radio LVM: La Voz de los Migrantes

La Voz de los Migrantes en Canadá

Radio LVM (La Voz de los Migrantes) is a distinctive platform committed to dispelling misconceptions, honouring migrants and nurturing a sense of pride in their identity as indispensable contributors. Acting as a crucial communication channel and a unifying bridge, it connects migrants from diverse sectors across the nation. This platform provides a safe space for free expression, fostering strength and solidarity while offering guidance, education on human and labor rights, and facilitating connections with valuable resources in communities across Canada and their home countries.

The show utilizes various mediums, including interviews, stories, live performances, and music, as potent tools in the ongoing battle against injustice. Beyond entertainment, it serves as an informative resource for migrants, addressing their rights and engaging with current issues that impact them directly.

Archives from 2024