World Skip The Beat

One of CKUT's collectively-hosted music shows, World Skip the Beat focuses on international artists and aims to explore the roots of traditional music from around the globe.

Compliment the current international music programming on CKUT’s airwaves while expanding listeners’ horizons by uncovering the relationships between different global music traditions, World Skip has weekly international music event listings, an emphasis on releases from “anywhere but here,” and a collective structure with different producers from CKUT's Music Department volunteer community every week.
Email to get involved with the show.

Upcoming events:

Mon. Mar 20th, Noon - 2pm: Whose Vibe Is It Anyways?
Mon. Mar 27th, Noon - 2pm: with Dom
Mon. Apr 3rd, Noon - 2pm: Whose Vibe Is It Anyways
Mon. Apr 10th, Noon - 2pm: with Ella
Mon. Apr 17th, Noon - 2pm: Whose Vibe Is It Anyways?
Mon. Apr 24th, Noon - 2pm: with Michael

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