Funky Revolutions Favoriting : Playlist from February 11, 2023

Hosted by:

Khalid M'Seffar

Funky Revolutions is based on the One. Since 1994, host Khalid and guests have invited you to groove & celebrate the history of Africana music - the African diaspora and its musical reflections around the world.

We explore the past, present and future of the funk. From introducing trip-hop to Montréal in the early 90’s, to supporting hip-hop’s underground, to presenting ethno-musicographies of jazz, soul, reggae and afro-funk, Funky Revolutions embraces all grooves & the revolutionary spirit of the Funk, from the Black Arts Movement of the 70s to Indigenous defiances & liberations in the (post) colonial world.

Every Saturday 2 - 4pm (EST)

Favoriting February 11, 2023: Gothic Futurism (Rammellzee)

Listening to Rammellzee on Gothic Futurism and Ikonklast Panzerism. "The letter is armed to stop all the phony formations, lies, and tricknowlegies placed upon its structure." Rammellzee

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Funky Revolutions  FR Show Intro   Favoriting   CKUT         
Zaho  Les mots   Favoriting Résilience    2023       
Funky Revolutions  ID Jusqu'ici tout va bien   Favoriting            
Passi  C'est combien (feat. Sarkodie)   Favoriting Afro    2023       
Funky Revolutions  Intro FR   Favoriting   CKUT  2023  background Funky DL - Jazzmatic Jazzstrumentals Trilogy (2023) Jazz Is Like     
Oddisee  The Start Of Something   Favoriting To What End    2023       
Nebula  No Empathy   Favoriting Walking Aimless    2023       
Variable Unit  I Am on a Journey to Chapter Three - My Soul, But the Police Just Pulled Me Over   Favoriting Handbook for the Apocalypse    2003       
Damu The Fudgemunk  Reporting feat. Damu The Fudgemunk   Favoriting Conversation Peace    2021       
Funky Revolutions  Intro EN   Favoriting   CKUT  2023       
Variable Unit  Transcending Terror   Favoriting Handbook for the Apocalypse    2003       
Napoleon Da Legend  Disinformation (feat. DJ Scribe)   Favoriting The Collosus of the GOAT    2022       
Shiesty L  Fake Woke   Favoriting King Shiest: Queens    2021       
Dub Sonata  Everywhere I Go (feat. Muja Messiah, Guilty Simpson, Copywrite & Evening Elevator)   Favoriting Tranquilizer Dart    2022       
Funky Revolutions  Feature on Rammellzee & Gothic Futurism   Favoriting   CKUT  2023  ADS     
Zoro  Subway Theme   Favoriting WId Style OST    1983       
Grandmaster Caz & Chris Stein  Wild Style Theme Rap No 1   Favoriting 12"    1983       
DJ Muggs x Flee Lord  Intro   Favoriting Rammellzee    2021  Tribute to fellow Queens legend Rammellzee     
Rammellzee And Shockdell  At the Amphitheatre   Favoriting WId Style OST    1983       
DJ Muggs x Flee Lord  The Equation   Favoriting Rammellzee    2021       
Rammellzee  Gothic Futurism   Favoriting Rammellzee Movie    1988       
The Rammzellzee  I Be Ramm-Ell-Zee-Zee   Favoriting This Is What You Made Me    2003       
Rammellzee  Rammellzee - Art & Information   Favoriting Rammellzee Movie    1988       
DJ Muggs x Flee Lord  Rammellzee (Outro)   Favoriting Rammellzee    2021       
Rammellzee  Philosophy of Life   Favoriting Rammellzee Movie    1988       
Funky Revolutions  Rammellsee career & Philosophy with background Subway Theme (Instrumental)   Favoriting   CKUT  2023       
Sly & Robbie  Bank Job w Rammellzee   Favoriting Rhythm Killers    1987       
Rammellzee  Who The Hell I Am   Favoriting Cosmic Flush    2019       
Rammellzee  Crayzay   Favoriting Cosmic Flush    2019       
Funky Revolutions  Playlist & Rammellzee Manifestos   Favoriting            
Funky 4Plus1  That's The Joint   Favoriting Grandmasters Of Rap (Back To The Old School!!!)    1996       
Funky Four  Feel It (The Mexican)   Favoriting 12"    1983       
Lady B  To The Beat Y’All   Favoriting Fly Girls!    1979       
Funky Revolutions  Setlist   Favoriting   CKUT  2023       
Wildstyle  Wildstyle Battle Weapon   Favoriting WIld Syle OST    1983       
Fnky Revolutions  Extro   Favoriting   CKUT  2023       
West Street Mob  Break Dance Electric Boogie   Favoriting Grandmasters Of Rap (Back To The Old School!!!)           

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