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One of CKUT's collectively-hosted music shows, Whiskey Tears is a late night program produced by McGill students with a strong emphasis on freeform explorations.

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Favoriting March 9, 2023: with Camille

For my debut show as a radio DJ, I decided to go with the theme of "All Time Favourites" to make my life a little easier. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my head and the 30+ songs that have been on constant repeat in my life.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments
Imogen Heap  Hide and Seek   Favoriting Speak for Yourself  2005  This song always makes me think of that Jason Derulo "Watcha Say" song, but of course the original is so much better!     
M83  Splendor   Favoriting Hurry Up, We're Dreaming  2011  I think this song is just so SO beautiful and I love it so much but lol I just realized I said it reminded me of my brother and then left it at that and I feel like I need to elaborate. Basically it was my brother who first discovered this song and then proceeded to spend the following weeks trying to learn it on the piano. I just remember him never wanting to learn the parts where he had to sing (haha I think cause he was embarrassed by his voice or something), so he'd just repeat the first instrumental part of the song over and over again and I'd get so annoyed! That being said, I eventually listened to the actual album version rather than my brother's mini cover and figured out that he was actually onto something this whole time.     
Radiohead  Idioteque   Favoriting Kid A  2000  This is probably the Radiohead song I have the craziest dance parties to alone in my bathroom.     
Alt-J  The Gospel of John Hurt   Favoriting This is All Yours  2014  This song is just a masterpiece. I have nothing else to say about it.     
MGMT  Alien Days   Favoriting MGMT  2013  I love the child singing at the beginning and just such a cool intro to a song.     
Linkin Park  Waiting for the End   Favoriting A Thousand Suns  2010  This is definitely a guilty pleasure favourite of mine. But I just love love love the last little part at the end of the song.     
Modest Mouse  Missed the Boat   Favoriting We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank  2007  Just a fun little song.     
The Shins  Sleeping Lessons (live on Letterman)   Favoriting Wincing the Night Away  2012  This is a contender for my favourite song of all time, especially the version the band plays live, it just has no business being SO GOOD.     
Declan McKenna  Born an Astronaut (live)   Favoriting Zeros  2020  Declan McKenna and his bandmates understood the freaking assignment in this video when it comes to giving it their all during live performances!     
Hozier  We Are Young (live)   Favoriting Cover of Fun. "We Are Young" In Some Nights  2012  Can you believe he's the only one playing any instruments in this video?! Like what?! He's so talented!     
Them  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (feat. Van Morrison)   Favoriting Them Again  1966  I'm just obsessed with Van Morrison's voice, specifically with trying to imitate it every time I hear a song of his.     
Keane  Everybody's Changing   Favoriting Hopes and Fears  2004  Keane has got to be my favourite little sad boy band from the 2000s, all their songs just have a way of hitting me right in the heart. I had to pick this one for today because I just feel like it hits especially close to home for me right now.     
Vampire Weekend  Step   Favoriting Modern Vampires of the City  2013  This song is really so beautiful, but it also sorta makes me sad. Idk... I still love it so much     
Radiohead  Weird Fishes / Arpeggi   Favoriting In Rainbows  2007  I know... another Radiohead song, but I swear this one is SO GOOD (like the drums? excuse me? who asked you to go so hard?) so I'm giving myself a pass on repeating the same artist twice.     
George Harrison  Behind That Locked Door   Favoriting All Things Must Pass  1970  Such a beautiful song, I think I remember hearing that George Harrison wrote this song for the Beatles fans who were sad that the band had split up, and that just made me love him even more.     
Leonard Cohen  Suzanne   Favoriting Songs of Leonard Cohen  1967  Seeing as my first show is here in Montreal, I wanted to pay my respects to one of the city's finest songwriters.     
Shovels & Ropes, Shakey Graves  Unknown Legend   Favoriting Busted Jukebox, Volume 1  2015  Okay so I wanted to play some Neil Young as well, another Canadian icon, but I didn't wanna be typical and play Harvest Moon so I picked Unknown Legend then realized I liked this version of the song so much better (I think it's the little harmonica solo that really does it for me here).     
I Summon You  Spoon   Favoriting Gimme Fiction  2005  I just love the guitar in this song, everything about it makes me feel happy.     
Sam Evian  Apple   Favoriting You, Foreever  2018  Okay full disclosure I wouldn't say this is one of my all time favourites (I just heard it recently a few weeks ago so I need a bit more time to make it official) but it's pretty and I like it a lot for sure.     
John Mayer  If I Ever Get Around to Living   Favoriting Born and Raised  2012  I found this song at the beginning of the semester back in September and I just found it so comforting for some reason. I'm still on the fence about it if I like John Mayor in general (cause I know he's sketchy but I can't remember why), I just have to admit he writes some good music.     
Edmund Bull  Follow Your Dreams   Favoriting Follow Your Dreams  2007  This song just warms my little heart. It also makes me think back to when I used to take violin lessons and made me think that the violin is so underrated as an instrument and deserves more attention.     
Leon Bridges  River   Favoriting Coming Home  2015  This might be my favourite song of all time, it was for sure my most played song by far this year. There's just something so beautiful and flawless about his voice, and I feel like even with the simple lyrics and simple melodies it's still a song I'll never get bored of listening.     
HYUKOH  Gang Gang Schiele   Favoriting 24: How to find true love and hapiness  2018  I don't even know how to pronounce the full name of the song, but that doesn't really matter in any way, still such a good song     
Hurricane Bells  Monsters   Favoriting Tonight is the Ghost  2011  My friend Max pulled this song from the Twilight movie (I think one of the high school scenes) and I'm so grateful for her good ears cause it was such a good catch and this song is so catchy     

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