Howls From Hell Favoriting : Playlist from July 29, 2023

Hosted by:

Eric Hutt


Sam Rudinsky

Heavy metal and Montréal go together like peanut butter and jelly. With both a thriving underground scene and an annual festival that brings in the big names, the city deserves only the best when it comes to metal radio…and that’s where Howls From Hell comes in!

Fronted by two metal maniacs with an encyclopedic knowledge, Howls From Hell brings you the best of the best from the most brutal music on earth! Howls From Hell: Real metalheads, real metal.

Every other Saturday 9 - 11pm (EST)

Favoriting July 29, 2023

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Artist Track Album
Type O Negative  I Don't Want to be Me   Favoriting Life is Killing Me     
Ooluu  Ripe   Favoriting Ripe     
Opeth  Demon of the Fall   Favoriting My Arms, Your Hearse     
Emyn Muil  Arise in Gondolin   Favoriting Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga     
Arch Enemy  Leader of the Rats   Favoriting Anthems of Rebellion     
Ensiferum  Slayer of Light   Favoriting Iron     
Satyricon  With Ravenous Hunger   Favoriting Volcano     
Liquid Tension Experiment  Paradigm Shift   Favoriting Liquid Tension Experiment     
Neuraxis  The Art of Sadness   Favoriting A Passage into Forlorn     
Kosm  The Emblem   Favoriting Single     
Tomb Mold  Abysswalker   Favoriting Manor of Infinite Forms     
Batushka  Ектения II: Благословение   Favoriting Litourgiya     
Encircling Wolves  Existential Terror   Favoriting Anti-Social Experimentation     
Azaghal  Kumarra Petoa   Favoriting Codex Antitheus     
Demilich  Inherited Rowel Livtation   Favoriting Nespithe     
In Aphelian  He who Saw the Abyss   Favoriting Moribund     
Asagraum  Abomination's Altar   Favoriting Dawn of Infinite Fire     
Mgla  II   Favoriting Presence (EP)     
Miasmic  Ubiquitous Lineage   Favoriting Sinister Revelations     
Enisum  Alpine Peaks   Favoriting Arpitanian Lands     
Darkspace  Dark 8.2   Favoriting Dark Space II     

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