You Need A Heart To Live 2 Favoriting : Playlist from March 21, 2024

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dj spence


Originally the comedown vibe after the Off The Hook phones hung up for the night - You Need A Heart To Live 2 now brings that downshifting-in-a-sedan-on-the-neon-streets vibe to CKUT's madball Thursdays. Smoky afternoon vibes on a Thursday late night tip or reckless fast tempos while you're trying to slow down for Friday incoming. DJ Spence and his multispeed crew at the controls - you're in good hands.

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Every other Thursday 11pm - 1am (EDT)

Favoriting March 21, 2024: funding drive special

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
What a special broadcast with some incredible support from those who were tuned in. Thanks to all who donated - every little bit helps keep CKUT on the air. Shout out to the single digit crew as well as those who reached the double and triple digits. Until April 7th, anyone who donates $20 or more to CKUT will be entered into a draw to win a new Doo test pressing - DOO822 - which features some CKUT legends on it alongside the usual characters.
Sentena, Kozz, and Spence  Feb 2, 2024   Favoriting Unreleased  Unreleased  2024       
Mr. Lee  Art Of Acid   Favoriting Acid Fantaslee  Trax Records  1988       
Gemini  A   Favoriting Le Fusion  Cajual  1995       
Gemini  A Dream   Favoriting A Moment Of Insanity  Planet E  1995       
Kenlou  The Bounce   Favoriting The Bounce / Gimme Groove  MAW Records  1995       
LoSoul  Open Door   Favoriting Open Door  Playhouse  1995       
Tyree  Nuthin Wrong   Favoriting Da Soul Revival #3  Dance Mania  1995       
Work That Shit  Daniel Bell   Favoriting The Lost Traxx E.P.  Klang Elektronik  1997       
Roman Flügel  Bibo   Favoriting 1995  Hardworksoftdrink  2018       
Etienne De Crecy  Prix Choc   Favoriting Affaires A Faire / Prix Choc  Disques Solid  1997       
Dance  Ha   Favoriting Still / Ha  Blank Mind  2012       
Techfunkers  Rock Da Techfunk Bonus   Favoriting Scratching  Odyssey Recordings  1996       
Mark Ambrose & Alexander Purkart Presents The Bellringers  I Need A Fix   Favoriting Vol.II  Force Inc. Music Works U.S.Edition  1998       
Trackman  Wickety Wack   Favoriting Don't Stop  Ideal Trax  1996       
Ibex  Oasis (Dub)   Favoriting Oasis / Bok Choy  Planet E  2000       
Minimal Man  Make A Move Pt. 2   Favoriting Make A Move  Trelik  2000       
Gemini  Rapid Eye Movement   Favoriting Hibernation  Peacefrog  1996       
G-Dubs & Benn Starr  Dirty Thang   Favoriting Once Again EP  TNT Records  1996       
Dreamhouse  Jump & Prance (Dream Mix)   Favoriting Jump & Prance  White Label Records  1991       
Circulation  Emotions Unknown   Favoriting Emotions Unknown  Balance  1995       
Chez Damier, Stacey Pullen  Forever Monna   Favoriting Forever Monna  Balance  1995       
Galaxy 2 Galaxy  Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)   Favoriting Galaxy 2 Galaxy  Underground Resistance  1993       

Listener chat!

Avatar 11:03pm dj spence:

Welcome to our funding drive special and first ever live stream.
Avatar 11:03pm dj spence:

Lemme know if you're out there
  11:03pm original:

we are out here
  11:05pm Saad:

Here I am :)
  11:15pm Froggie:

Avatar 11:15pm dj spence:

Ciao Frogge
  11:16pm Froggie:

I <3 chat
  11:16pm original:

  11:21pm Zoe:

Thanks I feel stronger now
  11:21pm Zoe:

CKUT always makes me feel better
  11:22pm Zoe:

RIP hair...
  11:23pm sako:

u go girl
  11:23pm Zoe:

You need to update the thermometer now we are over halfway!!!
  11:24pm sako:

bald spence will be so powerful
  11:25pm Zoe:

Smooth Spence
  11:31pm Saad:

I'm digging that! 🔥🔥🙌🎶🎚️🎛️
Avatar 11:31pm dj spence:

yesss people
Avatar 11:33pm dj spence:

big thanks to Saad, Patrick, Tim, Zoe, and Danielle for donating so far
Avatar 11:33pm dj spence:

I'm speechless
Avatar 11:34pm dj spence:

Reminder that any donation dedicated to you need a heart to live 2 over $20 gets an entry to win a new unreleased Doo test pressing
  11:40pm Raef:

I am tapped in :)
  11:44pm Saad:

Alrighty, let's zing that mark!
Avatar 11:45pm dj spence:

what saad said! let's hit 25, 700
  11:47pm Raef:

Imma need this track bitte
  11:47pm Raef:

I love this radio so freaking much
Avatar 11:52pm dj spence:

the radio love you a lot too Raef <3
  11:52pm Raef:

Just sent this link to my bigass family group chat let’s see if they can pull through. Awww thanks Spence <3
  11:54pm Saad:

No better place to radio than CKUT! :)
  11:55pm Saad:

*to do* sorry for typo.
Avatar 11:59pm dj spence:

you nailed it saad
Avatar 12:01am dj spence:

help us hit our next goal - we need just $25 ! ! !
  12:06am Raef:

Imma need another ID pls them breaks
Avatar 12:07am dj spence:

Dance - Ha on Blank Mind
now available digitally for the first time on their bandcamp Go cop!
  12:18am Saad:

What is the track id please?
  12:19am nex:

I'm here for the house nation convention
  12:19am blake:

Avatar 12:19am dj spence:
  12:20am Saad:

thanks pal!
Avatar 12:21am dj spence:

no prob!
  12:23am Saad:

it's gettin' hot in here! 🔥:)
  12:23am blake:

some premium single digit numbers are still available
  12:24am nex:

is 8 open
  12:27am Big z:

how u doo’n
Avatar 12:28am dj spence:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are all open
  12:29am Big z:

I missed it but I’m now lock how do I be a donor
Avatar 12:31am dj spence:
Avatar 12:31am dj spence:

Get in there B.ZEN!
  12:32am nex:

single digit crew is strong tonight
  12:34am anabasine:

this track sounds like $25,700!!
Avatar 12:36am dj spence:

yessss single digit crew has never been stronger.

$1, $2, $3, and $4 are still available
Avatar 12:36am dj spence:

wassup danji
  12:38am anabasine:

excalibur and dj spence giving djs a good name rn fr fr !! out to yas
  12:38am Jim Zen:

im not done
  12:39am nex:

damn... double digit crew starting to look hot wtf
  12:40am blake:

what double digit numbers are available?
Avatar 12:44am dj spence:

double digit crew likes your vibe ;)
Avatar 12:44am dj spence:

for doubles... let me see....
  12:44am Raef:

Sensual one this is beautiful
Avatar 12:45am dj spence: pal joey
  12:47am Raef:

Need a heart poppin off
  12:47am blake:

henrik and daniel
  12:47am anabasine:

wait we actually both did 33.3 at the same time!?!? wow revolutionary (per minute) power
  12:48am zzzzz:

great minds think alike
  12:48am Saad:

Said it couldn't be done? But lo and behold it can be done! ;)
  12:48am anabasine:

wouldnt have it any other ways
  12:51am Saad:

Ahhh, dreamy! :)
Avatar 12:51am dj spence:

it's a beauty
  12:53am Saad:

thanks again my man! ;)
  12:54am Raef:

Avatar 12:54am dj spence:

Avatar 12:55am dj spence:

this is a must watch
  12:56am Saad:


yes mans
  12:56am bigz:

music like this <3
Avatar 12:58am dj spence:

thanks so much to everyone
  12:59am Saad:

always a pleasure!
  1:12am anabasine:

huge vibe great show love you all ckut 4ever
Avatar 4:42pm ckutproduction:

thanks to the listeners
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