Howls From Hell Favoriting : Playlist from September 10, 2022

Hosted by:

Eric Hutt


Sam Rudinsky

Heavy metal and Montréal go together like peanut butter and jelly. With both a thriving underground scene and an annual festival that brings in the big names, the city deserves only the best when it comes to metal radio…and that’s where Howls From Hell comes in!

Fronted by two metal maniacs with an encyclopedic knowledge, Howls From Hell brings you the best of the best from the most brutal music on earth! Howls From Hell: Real metalheads, real metal.

Every other Saturday 9 - 11pm (EDT)

Favoriting September 10, 2022

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Artist Track Album Year
Baltimor  Hearse Man   Favoriting Eepos  2017     
Nightwish  She Is My Sin   Favoriting Wishmaster  2001     
B E N C H P R E S S  Hellbound   Favoriting Stay Hated (EP)  2012     
Liquid Tension Experiment  Paradigm Shift   Favoriting Liqui Tension Experiment  1998     
Sabaton  Shadows   Favoriting Metalizer (Re-Armed)  2010     
Scar Symmetry  Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought   Favoriting Holographic Universe  2008     
Manegarm  Odin Owns Ye All   Favoriting Manegarm  2015     
Bathory  Sacrifice   Favoriting Bathory  1984     
Hellripper  Total Mayhem   Favoriting Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem  2019     
Butcher  Kampfansage   Favoriting My Own War  2011     
Sielunvihollinen  Sodanjulistus   Favoriting Hautaruhtinas  2015     
Children of Bodom  Triple Corpse Hammerblow   Favoriting Hate Crew Deathroll  2003     
Decapitated  Day 69   Favoriting Organic Hallucinosis  2006     
Nile  Cast Down The Heretic   Favoriting Annihilation of the Wicked  2005     
Cannibal Corpse  Born in a Casket   Favoriting Eaten Back to Life  1990     
Sivyj Yar  Like A Spark We Will Vanish Into The Darkness   Favoriting Burial Shrouds  2015     
Dimmu Borgir  A Succubus In Rapture   Favoriting Enthrone Darkness Triumphant  1997     
Malum  Manifest Malum   Favoriting Legion  2019     
Nokturnal Mortum  White Tower   Favoriting The Voice of Steel  2009     
Aegrus  In Manus Satanas   Favoriting In Manus Satanas  2019     
Caladan Brood  Echoes of Battle   Favoriting Echoes of Battle  2012     
Kroda  Like Some Snow   Favoriting Selbstwelt  2018     
Death Grips  You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat   Favoriting Government Plates  2013     

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