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Dara Weiss is an active and dedicated member of the Montreal old-time and bluegrass music communities. Her powerful voice, lonesome harmonies, and steady rhythm guitar playing are currently heard with the award-winning old-time group, The All Day Breakfast Stringband. Based in Montreal where she is an elementary school music teacher in Montreal by day, her evenings and weekends see her involved in various musical endeavors. Dara hosted the Thursday night old-time and bluegrass jam at Grumpy's Bar for many years. She founded and organized the Montréal Sacred Harp singing group, and has been hosting the bluegrass radio show Bluegrass Ramblings on McGill's CKUT station since 2008. In 2000, she graduated from McGill University with a degree in classical saxophone performance and music theory. She later completed a degree in music therapy at Université du Québec à Montréal. The past twenty years have seen Dara's musical interests and expertise evolve around a passion for traditional music where she has laid aside her alto sax for the acoustic guitar. She was a founder, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter in the acclaimed Montreal bluegrass group Yonder Hill, which also featured vocalists Katie Moore and Angela Desveaux; she was a guitarist, vocalist with the Montreal old-time stringband The Bogghoppers who organized and played for community square dances around Montreal, the Eastern Townships, and the Chateauguay Valley; Dara has also lent her voice to numerous recordings by artists such as Li'L Andy, Katie Moore, Chris Bartos, Kaïa Kater and Darrin Haqcuard among others.


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