Funky Revolutions

Funky Revolutions is based on the One. Since 1994, host Khalid and guests have invited you to groove & celebrate the history of Africana music - the African diaspora and its musical reflections around the world.

We explore the past, present and future of the funk. From introducing trip-hop to Montréal in the early 90’s, to supporting hip-hop’s underground, to presenting ethno-musicographies of jazz, soul, reggae and afro-funk, Funky Revolutions embraces all grooves & the revolutionary spirit of the Funk, from the Black Arts Movement of the 70s to Indigenous defiances & liberations in the (post) colonial world.

“Up on the down. Down on the beat. The funk of the slaveships become the sound in the street. The funk in the strength in the funk of the weak. The funk in the word when you decide to speak.” - The Last Poets, FUNK.

Interested in funk, neo-soul and R&B from the underground? Tune in Saturdays from 2-4 pm.

“Free your mind and our collective ass will follow”. Thank you Funkadelic.

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