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Michelle Wang


Panacea has the goal of initiating open conversations and reducing stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. To do so, Michelle teaches 'mental health 101' and shares some of her own experiences living with mental illness.

The positive impact that mental health literacy can have in your own life, and for the people around you, is what drives her. If her words can inspire empathy and change at least one person's perspective or make someone feel less alone, then she has done her job. Join us for some fun tunes and vulnerable conversations!

Every 5th Thursday of the month, 2 - 3pm (EDT)
Every 4th and 5th Thursday of the month, 2 - 3pm (EDT)

Favoriting August 31, 2023: Personality Disorders: Cluster A and Cluster C

In this segment we talk about personality disorders. We begin with the pathological extremes of the Big 5 Traits of 'typical' personality and how they can map onto personality disorders. Then we have a conversation about misdiagnoses and the downfalls of a categorical classification system vs a dimensional system for personality disorders. We go through Cluster A and Cluster C personality disorders, and covered Cluster B: histrionic personality disorder. Next time we will go over the rest of the Cluster B. This episode is more technical and informational, but serves as an important foundation for the rest of our knowledge! Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional and what I say may not apply to everyone. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Stephen Sanchez  Evangeline   Favoriting   2023     
Mt. Joy  Bathroom Light   Favoriting Orange Blood  2022     
Rainbow Kitten Surprise  It's Called: Freefall   Favoriting How to: Friend, Love, Freefall  2018     
Pearl Jam  Yellow Ledbetter   Favoriting Jeremy  1991     
Carly Simon  You're So Vain   Favoriting No Secrets  1972     
Lord Finesse, Kid Vapri  Hip 2 Da Game   Favoriting The Awakening [25th Anniversary (Remaster)]  2021     

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Avatar 2:30pm Jack:

really good, compassionate coverage of a difficult topic that is so often treated with unfair stigma. thanks so much for this show!!
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