SUNDAY JULY 3RD from 4pm till 6pm we go LIVE from the annual Montreal International Steelpan Festival taking place at Mackenzie-King Parc (Close to Cote Saint-catherine Metro) . Come out and and enjoy the E.M.S.B STEELPAN school bands along with other special guest. A great way to spend your Carnival weekend. Join Sista P, the Angel and Storm - at 90.3fm or come join us inthe park. ADMISSION IS FREE.


Ring the Alarm! This is a reggae takeover alert!
In honour of Carnival, join CKUT alumni Danielle & TLC from the old show Skinbusy as they reunite for a true hijacking of the airwaves this Monday June 27 and again Monday July 4th from 12-2pm. Get ready to sweat n’ groove as they dig deep into the vaults of reggae for a mashup takeover. Kick back, relax and tune in cause this one’s gonna get feisty

If You Got Ears brought to you by Platitudes July 2016

Platitudes is a collaboration between local artist (skin tone, Shining Wizard, Jeff Barbara’s Black Space) and music promoter, James Goddard, and sound artist, hairdresser and feminist researcher, Julia Dyck. They also play together in local experimental pop group Soft Cone. Platitudes uses voice / bent data / musical instruments / samples and field recordings to create audio performances exploring aspects of our psycho-technological contemporaneity.

Oonga hosts If You Got Ears for June 2016

Eli Levinson aka Oonga is a producer/DJ Montreal who creates house/techno dubstep and tropical music. He has worked with Vox Sambou, Alquimia Verbal and AraLune and with the Mundial Festival. He will be exploring different strains of music from around the world. As a producer who has traveled far in search of interesting music to engage with, and through his work at Mundial Montreal, Oonga has been exposed to a huge variety of really weird music, that he wants to share with CKUT’s open-minded listeners. Expect an adventure deep into the esoteric funkalicious heartbeats of the world - Every Wed in June noon - 2pm.

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The Total Eclipse Compilation of live recordings from the CKUT studios including tracks by White Cube, Andy Boay, Maica Mia, Zs and many more is NOW available. Get it here!

They’ll also be available at Atom Heart, Phonopolis, Cheap Thrills, and L’Oblique.

CULTURE KUTS – July Listings!

Don’t miss all these great events happening in town:

/// Série d’animations sur l’accrochage ethnographique des musulmans dans les institutions culturelles canadiennes /// Picnic Social for game lovers and lady game-makers /// Fund-raising night of queer women of colour poetry & song /// Sound of the Mountain /// Café l’Artère fête ses 5 ans /// Drawing series commemorating female, trans and gender non-conforming iconic musicians and more!

Get the latest in culture event listings in Montreal! Go to all the events! Currently looking for volunteers to do: event coverage blog writing filling in during holidays for details email

CKUT Radio Camp 2016 / Camp Radio CKUT 2016 !

CKUT Radio Camp is your chance to learn hands-on radio, journalism and broadcasting skills! In collaboration with CKUT, McGill University’s community radio station, youth have chance to have a explore a one or two week intensive program to explore this fascinating form of media!

Le Camp Radio CKUT, c’est ta chance de développer tes aptitudes en radio, journalisme et en radiodiffusion ! En partenariat avec la radio communautaire CKUT de l’Université McGill, nous t’avons préparé une programmation d’une ou deux semaine(s) intensive(s) pour t’initier au monde radiophonique !

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Tooting our Own Horn

CKUT was voted #1 Radio Station in the Cult Montreal Reader’s Poll for 2016 an honor we have pretty much consistently won since way back when this poll was run by the print newspaper, The Montreal Mirror. We would also like to extend a slap on the back to the fine radio shows Underground Sounds Mondays 8pm- 10pm which was voted 2nd best radio show, Venus Thursdays noon- 2pm which came in at # 4 and Country Classics which airs Sundays 7pm- 8pm and came in at #10. AND radio host Nick Schofield came in as # 1 (Underground Sounds). Thanks to everyone who voted for us and keep listening !!!

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