Smileswithteeth is the dream pop project of Los Angeles born-and-bred, Montreal-based musician Gabriel Gutierrez. Blending propulsive drums and ethereal textures, he makes genuinely happy music that doesn’t pander or pretend.

For the month of May, he’ll be hosting the Montreal Sessions alongside vocalist Lillian King over at CKUT, bringing you live performances, exclusive premieres from his forthcoming remix EP, and wholesome good times. Tuesdays 3 - 5pm

Jeremy Young Hosts If You Got Ears May 2016

The purpose of this residency is to reimagine my role as a radio jockey as an active creative participant in the flow of music throughout the set. I will be “performing” my material alongside other artists’ music, integrating my own arsenal of reel-to-reel tape loops live to both intervene with as well as smoothly usher along the narrative of the set. We’re going to explore the dreamstate together, lots of repetition and lots of loops, and each set will wonderfully dictate its own sense of time and time space. What fun! Organ Speed Loop

Tribute to Bob Marley on World Skip the Beat Monday May 9th noon

Bob Marley’s influence on global culture is unparalleled. His music uplifted us, his vision for social change and justice inspired us. Few change the world with their music in the way that Bob Marley has and continues to do. In commemoration of the death Robert Nesta Bob Marley ( 1956 - May 11 1981) join Danielle & TLC, from the old CKUT show Skinbusy as they reunite on Monday May 9th, 12-2pm for a special celebration of the life and legacy of Bob Marley.


FRIDAY APRIL 15TH 3 - 5pm Tune in for an hommage to Nadine Gelineau ex-Station Manager at CKUT, 1989-92. CKUT alum will be in the studio, or calling in to reminisce about what loving the life in the clubs and on the radio was like with Nadine. A very special show.
If you missed it you can listen back right here:

CKUT Radio Camp 2016 / Camp Radio CKUT 2016 !

CKUT Radio Camp is your chance to learn hands-on radio, journalism and broadcasting skills! In collaboration with CKUT, McGill University’s community radio station, youth have chance to have a explore a one or two week intensive program to explore this fascinating form of media!

Le Camp Radio CKUT, c’est ta chance de développer tes aptitudes en radio, journalisme et en radiodiffusion ! En partenariat avec la radio communautaire CKUT de l’Université McGill, nous t’avons préparé une programmation d’une ou deux semaine(s) intensive(s) pour t’initier au monde radiophonique !

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Music department blog

Want the full scoop on what’s happening in CKUT’s musical headquarters? Visit the Music Department blog for news, projects, and music we’re excited about on the regular: TOTAL ECLIPSE

If you’re looking for some live music (and other cool happenings), check our EVENT LISTINGS.

The Total Eclipse Compilation of live recordings from the CKUT studios including tracks by White Cube, Andy Boay, Maica Mia, Zs and many more is NOW available. Get it here!

They’ll also be available at Atom Heart, Phonopolis, Cheap Thrills, and L’Oblique.

April 2016 Wavelengths

I. CKUT Spring Garage Sale and Radio Prom - April 28
II. CKUT is Hiring for Two Positions!
III. 2016 Funding Drive Theme Call-Out
IV. CKUT Delegation to the NCRC Call-Out
V. CKUT Spring Surprise Show @ La Vitrola Recap
VI. Avalanche NCRC Fundraiser/Screening of Frog Princes - April 13
VII. The Road to Montreal Carifesta: Soca DJs on CKUT Soca Sessions
VIII. CKUT listed as one of Best Radio Stations in The Telegraph!
IX. Best of Montreal 2016 - VOTE CKUT for Best Radio Station! X. Youth Radio Camp / Camp Radio CKUT

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Culture Blog is back ....Again!!!

Softmachines at the End of Time: A Review of Ragnar Kjartansson’s The Visitors, on display at Montreal’s Musée D’Art Contemporain, February 11- May 22, 2016

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