CKUT Against Austerity

Here is our statement on the state of community radio in Montreal. We want to see our fellow community radio stations having enough resources to carry out their mandate and fight against austerity measures that have put them in financial crises in the first place. We hope Radio Centre-Ville can work together to combat the financial crises they are currently facing.

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"M P I v H+" hosts If You Got Ears April 2017

We are “M P | v H+” Live From Montreal, and we invite you to take a trip with us to the outer territories of computational sound art. We will point at aspects, approaches, reflections and deliberations on the different areas of “La musique informatique”. Most important, we will listen to music, some of these pieces are composed and performed by ourselves, and some are masterworks of contemporary music composed by maestros of composition, only interpreted by us, using diverse methods, divergent techniques and different systems.

Joni Void hosts the Montreal Sessions April 2017

During the month April, Jean Cousin, aka. Joni Void, will be hosting The Montréal Sessions on CKUT, every Tuesday from 3-5pm, leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, Selfless, on Constellation Records. Presenting Scapes - a “series of conceptual musical selection experiences”. Immersive mixes that aim to transcend genres and traditional radioplay, instead sounding more like a lucid dream broadcast.

CKUT's Time Capsule

Whatever is playing on CKUT right now is probably awesome. But do you ever wonder about all the other awesome radio that you may have missed over the past 29 years?

Well, for lack of a time machine, why not check out CKUT’s Time Capsule? Here you’ll find all sorts of juicy tidbits spanning four decades. And if you’ve checked it before, take another look - we’ve made it easier to browse and are always adding new content.

Music department blog

Latest TOTAL ECLIPSE news & features: Paper Beat Scissors concert review, latest top 30 + specialty charts, & Bing & Ruth concert review.

Want the full scoop on what’s happening in CKUT’s musical headquarters? Visit the Music Department blog for news, projects, and music we’re excited about on the regular: TOTAL ECLIPSE

If you’re looking for some live music (and other cool happenings), check our EVENT LISTINGS.

The Total Eclipse Compilation of live recordings from the CKUT studios including tracks by White Cube, Andy Boay, Maica Mia, Zs and many more is NOW available. Get it here!

Art and Culture Department Blog

Want to be kept in the know about Montreal’s rich offering of local culture? Dig deep into CKUT’s Art & Culture Blog Deep Kuts.

Take in all of our excellent volunteer-generated content, including reviews, previews, videos and audio excerpts from CKUT Spoken Word programming.

Plus, check out our About Town section for local art and culture event listings.

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CKUT Radio Camp 2017! / Camp Radio CKUT 2017!

Want to to be a DJ? A journalist? A radio star? Check out the CKUT Youth Radio Camp! For 10-17 year olds. Read more here.

Veux-tu être un DJ? Un MC? Un(e) journaliste? Une star de radio? Viens participer au Camp Radio CKUT! Pour les 10 à 17 ans. En savoir plus ici.

CKUT is hiring for the summer!

CKUT est la recherche deux nouveaux.elles animateurs.rices du camp radio! Les deux animateurs.rices du Camp jeunesse Radio, avec le support de la coordonnatrice du camp du Conservatoire de McGill, vont travailler étroitement et planifier sept semaines d’activités de camp, ainsi que guider les campeurs.euses dans leurs activités durant tout l’été. Plus d’information ici.

CKUT Radio is currently seeking two Youth Radio Camp Facilitators! The 2 Youth Radio Camp Facilitators, with the support of the McGill Conservatory Camp Coordinator, will work closely with to schedule and plan seven weeks of camp activities, as well as lead the campers through the activities throughout the summer. More information here.

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