Listener comment line: 514.448.4041 ext. 2547 or

The following text is taken from CKUT’s Blue Book:

Any listener, CKUT member or staff member may direct a complaint regarding on-air programming to the station’s Programming Committee. Complaints should first be directed to a Programming Coordinator. Complaints may be made by phone, email, mail, or in person. Anonymous complaints will be ignored; the name and contact information of the person filing the complaint must be presented to the Programming Coordinator at the time a complaint is made. Please indicate the name of the radio show, the date and the approximate time that your complaint is referencing so we may review the program.

Upon receiving a complaint, the Programming Coordinator will acknowledge its receipt and ensure that both the programmer(s) involved and the Programming Committee are informed about the complaint. When the programmer(s) involved is given notification of the complaint, they will be invited to respond. When the Programming Committee receives notification of the complaint, relevant audio archives and the program’s log will be reviewed.

A meeting may be called between the programmer(s) and the Committee, or the Committee may request a written response from the programmer(s).

If the complaint is determined to be without merit, a letter explaining the process of review and station policy, signed by a Programming Coordinator on behalf of the Programming Committee, will be sent to the complainant via email or postal mail. If the complaint is judged to be valid and it is determined that the complaint could have been prevented if the programmer(s) had followed station guidelines and policies, the programmer(s) may be warned, suspended or removed from their on-air position in accordance with the station’s disciplinary procedures. The complainant will be contacted by a Programming Coordinator on behalf of the Programming Committee, to confirm receipt of the complaint, explain relevant policies and procedures, and detail the actions taken, including steps to prevent similar incidents from recurring. The programmer(s) may be asked to work with the Committee and/or the Programming Coordinator to respond to the complaint in writing. Copies of all complaints and a record of resulting actions or correspondence will be kept in the program’s file and sent to the CRTC upon request.